ICOR 2016

Khushwinder Kaur

Khushwinder Kaur, Speaker at Cancer Conferences
Panjab University, India
Title : Nanoassemblies for nutraceutical delivery systems: Role in cancer prevention


Dietary phytochemicals play an important role in cancer management because they have been found to have the
potential to delay or impede carcinogenesis process. However, they suffer from poor solubility, rapid degradation,
leading to poor absorption by the human body. Hence, one of the biggest challenges in their formulation is improving their stability, water solubility, ability to face harsh conditions of change of pH, enzymatic action etc in the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, the objective of the present research is to prepare nanostructures (such as nanoemulsions, inclusioncomplexes and biodegradable nanoparticles) using GRAS material employing highly energy efficient and cost effective probe sonication method. The fabricated assemblies have been used as delivery vehicles for nutraceuticals for potential anticancers such as curcumin, quercetin, resveratrol, quinine and benzyl isothiocyanate. The prepared formulations have been characterized by FTIR, UV-visible absorption spectroscopy, NMR, TGA, FESEM, DSC, XRD, TGA, CHNS analysis etc. Attempts have also been made to study the loading, encapsulation, release, phase behaviour of the nanoformulations along with their invitrio behaviour on Hep G2, MCF7 and other cell lines. Humans are known for their distinguishing character. They have a different way of feeling, thinking and they also react differently to a situation depending upon how they perceive a particular situation. Therefore, the scientific community can use this innovative approach for nano assembly synthesis and combining chemotherapeutic drug and bioactive cocktail with their own research experience. This might help the human race to win over this deadly disease.

Audience Takeaway:

1.Through the major challenges for traditional chemotherapy
2.Modification of tumour angiogenesis with the combination of bioactives and drugs
3.Quick, cost effective and innovative methodology for nanoformulation synthesis.


Dr Khushwinder is an assistant professor in physical chemistry and has spent the last 10 years fabricating and characterizing colloidal nano assemblies. She has published several highly cited papers in high-impact journals in this field and, in particular, the field of microemulsions and nanoemulsions. She has attended more than 35 conferences. Dr Kaur has been recently awarded a prestigious award by the Government of India, managed through the Department of Science and Technology innovation programme ‘Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research’ (INSPIRE) to attract young (26-32 years) talent for Research Career in Science. This programme was initiated by the Indian Government to develop high-quality scientific manpower in scientific and educational institutions, to develop the independent scientific profile of the country.