ICOR 2016

Yoshiaki Omura

Yoshiaki Omura, Speaker at Cancer Congress
New York Medical College, United States
Title : Optimal dose of vitamin d3& optimal dose of taurine were found to have safe & effective anti-cancer effect with additional significant excretion of bacteria, virus & toxic substances through urine. Overdose of these substances often resulted in cancer-promoting effects: Factors promoting and inhibiting these anti-cancer effects


We found optimal dose of Vitamin D3 400 I.U. has a safe & significant anti-cancer effect without side effects. However, widely used vitamin D3 of 2000~5000 or even higher dose has cancer-promoting effects. In the patient with liver & kidney problem, Vitamin D3 could not be converted to the beneficial vitamin D3 receptor stimulant 1α, 25(OH)2D3. On the other hand, we found that one optimal dose of Taurine 175mg for average adult 3 times/day also has a very significant, safe, effective, anti-cancer effect with equally or even better urinary excretion effect of bacteria, virus and toxic substances. Taurine often works even in cases where vitamin D3 does not work due to liver or kidney problems. Our study indicates that optimal dose of Taurine is somewhat better than optimal dose of vitamin D3. We also found other safe, effective anti-cancer treatment by significantly increasing Telomere through the use of various methods. We found 2 most effective Telomere increasing substances: 1) Haritaki, which has been used in Ayurvetic and Tibetan medicine and 2) another substance with equally strong Telomere increasing effect called Açai which is originally found in the Amazon in Brazil. We also found Telomere increasing method without using any medicine 3) by 300 vigorous frictions between palms of both hands. However, use of increasing Telomere without using any medicine will be highly desirable by repeating 300 frictions of palms of both hands is given 3 times/day for any cancer patient. Proper combination of these methods often results in safe, significant improvement of cancer parameters. We often found a combination of these different beneficial substances can increase anti-cancer effect very significantly, but in some patients, often cancel or reduce each other’s effects or complete inhibition of anti-cancer effects. Without individually examining drug interaction, we cannot combine additional supplements because some patients produce drug interactions and reduce or completely cancel effectiveness. Ginger by itself increases Telomere significantly, but will cancel the effect of Açai and Taurine in some patients. Therefore, combining two desirable substances should be evaluated before giving to the patient. The most common problem in cancer treatment is drug interaction by overdose of anti-hypertension drugs & anti-diabetic drugs without detecting serious drug interaction with anti-cancer medicine before treatment.