ICOR 2016

Francesco Arrigoni

Francesco Arrigoni, Speaker at Cancer Congress
University of L’Aquila, Italy
Title : Solitary and painful bone lesions: The role of the interventional radiology


I nterventional Radiology (IR), thanks to the development in technological and Knowledge skills, has achieved a firstline role in the treatment of bone lesions. In particular, a large range of benign and malignant lesions can be treated: not only the well known ablations of osteoid osteoma and bone metastasis can be performed, but also the ablation of lesions that are painful but classified as benign (Periosteal Chondroma, Periosteal Desmoid). The indication for ablation is the pain relief, avoiding surgery (clearly more invasive) otherwise required to treat these lesions; however there is an increasing interest in the IR for the possibility of a curative role especially in case of oligometastatic disease. All the techniques of the IR at date available will be described because, the choice of the most appropriate technique must be done in relation with the position and the characteristics of the lesions: for example, MRgFUS is the most suitable technique for lesions on the bone surface, instead the Cryoablation is a very handy and effective technique for large lesions with irregular margins and morphologies. RFA, MWA and TAE will be also discussed. The main advantages of these techniques of IR are the low grade of invasiveness and the low incidence of complications that occur compared with the very high rate of effectiveness, also in patients with poor health conditions.