ICOR 2016

Nima Kasraie

Nima Kasraie, Speaker at Cancer Conferences
Children’s Mercy Hospital, United States
Title : The communication of radiation risk for pediatric imaging in radiology: Experience from a tertiary medical center


The nature of pediatric imaging poses unique challenges and risks that continue to evoke attention and scrutiny in public circles. Effective communication of radiation risk is an essential core practice and competency for radiologists, technologists, and staff involved with pediatric imaging. This mutual interaction will induce public awareness, prevent and resolve potential conflicts, and help achieve effective public health protection. A synopsis of the challenges and barriers to laying down the foundations for such a dialogue will be presented, and several practiced methods used at Children’s Mercy Hospital for strengthening and maintaining this discourse will be enumerated. Ten strategies are specifically discussed, namely: emphasizing benefits, managing negative perceptions, minimizing technical vocabulary, perspective and perception adjustment, conveying a record of commitment, employing comparison tools, technology, visual aids, handouts, and media awareness.