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ICC 2019

Kamla Khalfan Said Al Salmani

Kamla Khalfan Said Al Salmani, Speaker at Cancer Congress
Ministry of Health, Oman
Title : A preliminary examination for mechanisms of action and the genes involved in the actions of AKBA in ovarian cancer cell lines


High grade Epithelial Ovarian Cancer (HG-EOC) is the most common type of ovarian cancer. The vast majority of patient present with advanced stage disease. Despite the recent advances in the management, almost all patients develop resistance to cytotoxic chemotherapy and the median survival remains dismal. There is an unmet need to identify novel agents for the treatment, especially for chemo-resistant disease. This study examined the biologically active component of Frankincense, 3-O-acetyl-11-keto-β-boswellic acid (AKBA), its mechanisms of action and the genes involved in the actions of AKBA with the HG - EOC. OVCAR4 cell line was exposed to different concentrations of AKBA. Microarray and qPCR were used to study the specific apoptotic proteins expressions. After the analysis of each of these genes functions, using the gene card website, 50µM AKBA was found to induce significant (P<0.001) gene expression in different pathways. Genes controlling 9 different pathways, including apoptosis, cell cycle, DNA damage and repair, DNA synthesis, metabolism, response to stress, intracellular signalling, transport and cell adhesion and metastasis were either up- or down-regulated, and majority of these pathways are known to be directly or indirectly linked to apoptosis pathways. AKBA is cytotoxic to ovarian cancer cells, at pharmacologically achievable concentrations. It induces multiple gene expression in different biological pathways in ovarian cancer cells. AKBA may form the basis of a novel anticancer treatment for ovarian cancer perhaps alongside conventional chemotherapy


Dr Kamla Khalfan Al Salmani, MSc, PhD holder in Cancer Studies and Molecular Medicine from University of Leicester, UK. She works as Head of cytogenetic Lab in the National Genetic Centre, at the Royal Hospital, Ministry of Health. Twenty years of working experience in the diagnosis of Haematological cancer (Leukaemia’s, Lymphomas, multiple myelomas ect). Here PhD was in the study of Frankincense effect in the treatment of Ovarian Cancer and it is possibility to overcome resistant. Here project was a collaboration project between university of Leicester, SQU and university of Nizwa.
Here PhD work has been awarded by:

  •  First Prize in 9th Festival of Postgraduate Research. Poster presentation, Leicester University, 27th June 2013.
  •  Great achievement during the PhD by Sultanate of Oman Embassy and the cultural attach of London on 20th February 2016. London UK.
  •  Best Poster Presenter at (The First international conference in Frankincense and medicinal plants) at SQU 30Oct -1 Nov 2018. 24 SEPT. 2019, Tuesday- 15:20 Page 43 3rd Edition of International Cancer Conference ICC 2019 Show me where cancer care is. Improvi