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ICC 2019

Atilla Soran

Atilla Soran, Speaker at 
Oncology Conference
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, United States
Title : Metastatic breast cancer; Cure or remission with loco-regional treatment?


The incidence of de novo stage IV breast cancer (BC) is between 5 to 10% and, systemic therapy (ST) is the primary treatment choice. However, more and more studies show that ST may not be the only option. The traditional goal of loco-regional in such cases is to palliate symptoms but diagnosing low volume metastatic BC, advances in adjuvant therapies and targeted therapies encourages us to rethink treating primary tumor locally. In this session the possibility to prolong of survival (remission or cure) with loco-regional treatment in newly diagnosed stage IV breast cancer and the quality of life of these patients will be discussed. Randomized clinical studies Protocol MF07-01, MF07- 01Q and their long-term results will be presented.


Atilla Soran,MD., MPH., FNCBC, FACS is a Clinical Professor of Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Soran has a long history of serving as a chair or a being a member on many scientific research committees such as The American Society of Breast Disease, The American Society of Clinical Oncology Breast Cancer Symposium Program, and NCBC International Program. Dr. Soran was appointed as a Board Member the NCBC in 2015 and International Committee Chair in 2016 and he also serves as a member of other prestigious associations such as American College of Surgeons. Dr. Soran has more than 150 publications, over 170 presentations in scientific meetings, and has 40 review articles and chapters in text books. Dr. Soran has received more than 20 national and international awards and honors. Dr. Soran is on the editorial board and reviewer in several medical journals. Dr. Soran was invited to several scientific meetings all over the world as a lecturer and moderator. Dr. Soran has conducted several clinical studies and received grants for his research. He has been recognized as an investigator by the NCI and has been serving a DOD- Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs for Breast Cancer as a panel member for more than 10 years; he also initiated several studies internationally and is being chaired them.