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ICC 2021

Sergio Alexandre Alcantara Dos Santos

Sergio Alexandre Alcantara Dos Santos, Speaker at Oncology Conference
Sao Paulo State University UNESP, Brazil
Title : Can prostate cancer originate in utero? Prostate carcinogenesis induced by maternal low protein diet in older offspring


Although the carcinogenesis is frequently linked to genetic background, exposure to environmental risk factors has gained attention as the etiologic agent for several types of cancer. The intrauterine microenvironment has been described as preponderant factor for offspring health; and maternal exposure to insults have been linked to chronic disease in aged offspring. Using a model of maternal exposure to low protein diet (LPD; 6% protein), we demonstrated that impairment of offspring rat prostatic growth at post-natal day (PND) 21 was associated with prostate carcinogenesis in aged offspring.


I am postdoc at the State University of São Paulo, UNESP, with experience in the areas of prostatic morphology, analysis of signaling pathways and bioinformatics tools. We sought markers for the prostatic cancer development induced by fetal programming by maternal low protein diet.