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ICC 2021

Yevheniia Radzishevska

Yevheniia Radzishevska, Speaker at Cancer Events
Kharkiv National Medical University, Ukraine
Title : Oncologic patients have mutual relations of nosological form of the first tumour and second cancers


The aim of presentstion will to demonsrate the relationship between nosological forms of the primary and second neoplasms in patients who have undergone special treatment for cancer, and who have developed second neoplasms three and  more years after the end of treatment. It will realized by means of  comparing the nosological structure of second neoplasms that developed in 203 patients undergoing treatment for oncological pathology with the official data on the specific weight of 10 major nosological forms of malignant neoplasms in Ukraine. The statistical significance of the obtained will be estimate using confidence intervals normalized taking into account the specificity of the patients of the clinic where the study was conducted.  In accordance with the specific weight of the nosological forms of the primary neoplasms, conditioned  first by the specialization of our clinic, the study groups will be divided into 5 nosological subgroups: patients with  breast, thyroid, uterine, cervical, ovarian, and subgroup with other forms of cancer. For each of the subgroups, the  nosological structure of the second neoplasms will be investigated and compare with the overall structure of malignant neoplasms according to the official statistics. It will show that the frequencies of five allocated nosological forms calculated for the clinic correspond fairly well to the population mean, while for two most representative nosological  forms the correspondence is within the expected stochastic variability. Thus, it will be demonstrated that there are  no statistically significant differences between the percentage composition of 10 major nosological forms of cancer  in Ukraine and the structure of nosological forms of second neoplasms in the study group of patients. The nosological form of second neoplasms is not a consequence of the primary cancer, but reproduces the overall nosological structure of the incidence of malignant neoplasms.


Dr. Radzishevska studied mathematics at the Kharkiv University, Ukraine. Then she began working at the Institute of Medical Radiology as a researcher and, in addition, from 1998 she began to teach medical informatics at the Kharkiv National Medical University (KhNMU). She completed her Ph.D. in 1997 and now holds the position of Associate Professor at KhNMU and the head of the medical informatics group at the Institute of Medical Radiology. She is engaged in the statistical processing of medical data. She has published more than 160 scientific papers, in particular, 6 papers in SCI (E) journals and has certificates for 36 objects of the right of intellectual property of Ukraine.