ICC 2021

Yves Marie Robin

Yves Marie Robin, Speaker at  Cancer Congress
Biology-pathology wing, Oscar Lambret Cancer Center, France
Title : Real-time molecular diagnosis of soft tissue tumors using water-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry technology


A substantial number of lesions in soft tissue pathology requires diagnostic precision for adequate patient care management and follow-up. Also, margin status of surgical specimens must be unequivocally defined, preferably intra-operatively, because of the tight relation which exists between the quality of safe tumor margin delineation and remission. New discriminative diagnostic tools are needed to deal with these issues. Using canine tissues, we assessed the performance of a recently developed system, termed SpiderMass, relying on mass spectrometry (MS) for molecular lipid-based  real-time diagnosis of sarcomas using endogenous water  as matrix. SpiderMass uses a laser microprobe operating under ambient conditions and remotely fromrm the MS instrument with excitation of endogenous water molecules generating negligeable tissue destruction. 1-mm-thick sections obtained from 33 canine biopsies of various sarcoma subtypes such as fibrosarcoma, osteosarcoma and undifferentiated sarcoma were subjected to SpiderMass analysis. Results indicated that classification models based on moprhological criteria such as normal, cancerous and necrotic tissue , tumor grade, and subtypes showed a minimum of 97.63% correct classification using data collected with the system. Specific markers of normal, cancer, and necrotic regions were identified by tandem MS and validated by MS Imaging. SpiderMass differentiated grade 3 sarcomas from normal tissue and from grade 1 and 2 lesions and further subdivided specific tumor types with a high accuracy. Real-time detection capabilities were demonstrated by ex vivo analysis . We are currently focusing  on applying  the technique on human soft tissue tumors (maligant and benign) for a proof of concept with clinical samples aimed toward two novel developements : first, set up databases in the form of classification models of tumor sub-types and grades with their corresponding specific lipidomic profiles so as  to construct histo-lipidomic classfications  and, secondly,  introduce  in the instrumentation an artificial intellignence-type algorithmic  bioinformatics  system  enabling  it to  rapidly consult, process and translate the databases into a point-of-care real-time  diagnostic tool.


Yves-Marie Robin, MD,  was born in Haiti on may 24th 1959 and graduated from Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York (USA).  He has been since 2006 head of the department of Morphological and Molecular Pathology Unit at the Oscar Lambret Cancer Center, Lille, (France), one of the twenty anti-cancer institutions in France  which he joined upon a completing his internship and graduationfrom the faculty of medicine of Clermont-Ferrand in 1999. Dr Robin is a member of the French Sarcoma Group which is known for its expertise and research accomplishments in the field of soft tissue tumors, and  has published or collaborated on a number of publications in different areas of interest, mainly soft tissue tumors. Dr Robin is a research member of the Mass Spectrometry INSERM laboratory (PRISM) at Villeneuve d'Ascq (France) directed by Pr Michel Salzet. He has recently been appointed chief coordinator of the biology-pathology wing  at Oscar Lambret Center whose main objective is to set standards of laboratory practice in pathology and molecular oncology adapted to clinical needs and translational research