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ICC 2021

Mehrasa Nikandish

Mehrasa Nikandish, Speaker at Oncology Conferences
University of Georgia, Georgia
Title : Types of cancer


As it is obvious, nowadays cancer is one of the most common disorders all around the world and nobody can ignore the importance of getting educated about them, types, how they spread around the body and how they can be treated and also some procedures after treatment because every person has his/her own individual body and depend on their body immune system it’s important to do some caring after the treatment. In this presentation, I try to explain about different types of cancer and how we can recognize the types. Actually there are four main types of cancer that include the carcinomas that begins with the tissues that cover the surface of the body and covers the internal glands and organs as well, sarcomas that begins in the tissues that thir function is to support and connect the body. Leukemias that is the cancer of the blood and lymphomas that is the cancer of lymph. The most common cancer among women that is reported in the U.S. is breast cancer and among the men is prostate cancer. Among different types of cancers the most curable cancers are breast cancer, prostate cancer, testicular cancer, thyroid cancer, melanoma, cervical cancer, Hodgkin lymphoma and the hardest cancer for treating is the pancreatic cancer because it develops quickly with few symptoms that makes it one of the most deadly forms of cancer and also pancreatic cancer is resistant to chemotherapy and the new clinical trials are taking place to develop the alternative treatments instead of chemotherapy.


Mehrasa Nikandish, pharmacy bachelor degree at the university of Georgia, which is located in Georgia, Tbilisi and graduated in 2022. I have some experiences to do research and review articles and also participate in national which was held by university and international conferences which was held virtually during covid-19 time. It is my second time that I am participating as an oral presenter in magnus conferences. I am also selected as the best presenter in Georgian conferences which was held by university of Georgia. And also publication of two full review articles by ESJ journal and several abstracts by cacasus journal of health science.