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ICC 2023

Arya Ashok

Arya Ashok, Speaker at Cancer Events
Cancer Scientist, United States
Title : Cancer biomarkers and latest technologies for early cancer detection


This presentation will focus on the advancements made in cancer biomarkers. Cancer biomarkers can be important in identifying targeted treatment options and personalizing the cancer treatment based on the genomic profile of the tumor. Studies have been published that provide evidence on the benefit of personalized cancer care rather than a more generic route. This talk will also focus on exciting new technologies that can help detect cancer at an early stage, monitor cancer recurrence after surgery and also discuss the benefits of liquid biopsy as a tool to monitor the cancer and study the tumor evolution from a genomics standpoint. Liquid biopsy is a non-invasive tool and just a simple blood draw is sufficient to get genomic results. While tissue is always the gold standard for detecting biomarkers, when tissue is not available or at a site that is hard to biopsy, liquid biopsy is an easy blood draw that can provide some important genomic insights. However, there are limitations to the liquid biopsy assays and this will be discussed in the presentation as well.


Dr. Arya Ashok has a Masters and PhD in Biological Sciences. She has 12+ years of experience in the field of precision oncology. Her expertise includes genetics, molecular biology, immunology and next generation sequencing. She has 20+ publications, abstracts with close to 100 citations and also has experience launching clinical trials including face-to-face meetings with FDA. Currently, Dr Ashok works at Tempus Labs which is one of the leading next generation providers in USA.