HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Baltimore, Maryland, USA or Virtually from your home or work.
Mane Davtyan, Speaker at Cancer Conferences
Information Systems Department, Armenia


About how pre-trained ML models and patient data analysis can be used to improve the precision and efficacy of breast cancer diagnosis. The speech will show how these approaches can help with the early identification of breast cancer so that doctors can start treatment early and promptly.

Audience Take Away Notes:

Recognizing the role that machine learning and data analytics play in identifying breast cancer: The concepts behind data-driven methods for diagnosing breast cancer, such as combining various data sources and creating predictive models, will become apparent to attendees.

List of all other benefits.
1. Examining how machine learning techniques might be used to classify cancer: I will clarify the many machine learning (ML) approaches used to classify breast cancer subtypes, including support vector machines, neural networks, and ensemble learning techniques.
2. Assessing the influence on clinical decision-making and patient care: Participants will understand how integrating data science and machine learning improves patient outcomes by increasing the accuracy and speed of clinical assessments through case studies and real-world examples.
3. Talking about obstacles and potential paths forward: We'll discuss the present restrictions and potential benefits of data-driven methods for diagnosing breast cancer, emphasizing the need for more study and creative thinking in this critical area.


Ms. Davtyan studied Data Science at the American University of Armenia and graduated BS in 2024. She joined Viva Armenia CJSC in 2023 as a Data and Machine Learning engineer. Mane has also published an article about high-accuracy cancer detection using SVM models, co-authoring Philip de Melo. During her ML studies at the Armenian Code Academy, Mane has also worked on pneumonia detection using a computer vision project. Ms. Davtyan also has experience in lecturing, since she has been tutoring and lecturing math, specifically statistics, geometry, and calculus, at the Dasa2 online platform since 2022.