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Abdulkadir Geylani Sahan, Speaker at Oncology Conference
Abdulkadir Geylani Sahan
Suleymaniye Institute, Turkey


He have been medical doctor since 11 years. He have worked forensic science medicine, pediatric surgery, obstetric & gynecology, psychiatry, before being internal medicine specialist. After; he had worked intensive care unit about two years for educating internal medicine. Diabetes educator instructor for education, internal intensive care, CVVHD (continuous veno-venous hemodialysis), CAVHD (continuous arteriovenous hemodialysis), mechanical ventilation, non-invasive mechanical ventilation field training worked in internal intensive care over the two years as a practical bought. Two articles published in international Together, the two have been published in international conferences and congresses posters are available. I have been internal medicine specialist since one and half year in Baykan, Siirt and after that; I have been surgery, internal, coronary and cardiovascular intensive care administrator a year. Intensive care administratory; I have been internal medicine specialist in Bahat hospital Istanbul. One year after this; I am currently working ESHA surgery medical center internal medicine specialist. I defined myself prone to business life time work, open communication believed, results-oriented, open to development, as new scientific developments following, niggling personality.