ICC 2019

Zhenlong Ye

Zhenlong Ye, Speaker at Cancer Congress
Zhenlong Ye
Shanghai Baize Medical Laboratory, China


Zhenlong Ye, Ph.D of Oncology, is the General Manager of Detection Department of Shanghai Cell Therapy Group Co., Ltd. He is also the member of Clinical Application Committee of Medicinal Biotechnology of China Medicinal Biotechnology Association and Vice-Chairman of Youth Science Group, and the member of Precision Medical Branch of China Medicinal Biotechnology Association. He has published 10 SCI papers as the first author or communication author, 15 patents as principle investigate and also participated in the compilation of one Chinese edition and one English edition. Besides, he is awarded the Shanghai Science and Technology Committee Rising-Star talent in 2019 and is the 12th batch of Shanghai Jiading District’s shortage of innovative and entrepreneurial talents, and the 15th Shanghai Youth Post Expert.