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COPD 2024

Lyudmyla Kuyun

Lyudmyla Kuyun, Speaker at  Pulmonology Conference
Bogomolets National Medical University, Ukraine
Title : Cross- talk between the lung and gut micro biota in homeostasis and lung diseases in humans


The concept of gut-lung axis came about as a result of numerous studies where mechanisms of cross-talk between the lung and gut microbiota (LM, GM) were analysed. Their results can help better understand immunological  mechanisms in homeostasis and pathological changes caused by different immune disorders during  COPD and other lung diseases. Recently GM dysbiosis was linked to some gastrointestinal diseases and certain inadequacies of the immune system.  In fact, research data indicates that the GM is an important moderator of immune responses, inflammation, and the development of lung diseases, such as pneumonia and COPD.  Exposure of the lung to the environment leads to it being colonized by various pathogens, which form its microbiota. The cross-talk between the GM and LM is believed to play a role in certain common lung diseases. The exact way the GM affects lung homeostasis and diseases is yet to be understood. However, it is already clear that  the GM plays a crucial role in the development of the immune system and can either provide benefits or cause disease susceptibility in the host. Studying the gut-lung axis can help better understand immunological mechanisms in homeostasis and pathological changes caused by different immune disorders during COPD and other lung diseases. There is great potential in manipulating the GM when developing new successful treatments of lung diseases.


Lyudmyla Kuyun, Ph.D., in 1966 graduated from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv with a degree in biology and virology. 1966 – present has worked at Bogomolets National Medical University (BNMU). In 1983 earned her PhD in bio.sci. In 1994-95 completed an apprenticeship at the department of allergology at Virchow University in West Berlin with Prof. Dr. G. Kunkel. In 2019 she became an Associate Professor at BNMU, published over 100 scientific articles, half-dozen textbooks and study aids and a monograph. Several articles featured in Scopus. The scope of research includes immunology and local immune response disorders in patients diagnosed with COPD and peritonitis of the abdominal cavity.