HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Singapore or Virtually from your home or work.

8th Edition of International Conference on
Dentistry and Oral Health

March 25-27, 2024 | Singapore

Testimonials / Reviews

Dental Conference 2018 | Rome, Italy
Dental Conference 2017 | Valencia, Spain
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Dental Conferences

Overall I think it went very well and the speakers were from a wide range of disciplines and countries so it was a great opportunity once again to share experiences and network with these colleagues across the globe.

David Gillam Queen Mary University of London, UK
Dental Conference

Thank you Magnus Group for the very high level event American Dental Conference 2023 which I was able to hear and meet dentists, teachers, students from all over the world. Enriching time and a memorable experience. It is an honor and a great pleasure to be part of this team and meet professionals willing to immerse themselves in learning.

Bruna Contador Martins Paulista University, Brazil
Dental Conference

I like to thank the organizing committee for having me as a part of this informative conference.

Veena Naik Aimst University, Malaysia
Dental Conference

Thank you very much for this great meeting. The organization of this meeting was excellent, speeches were very interesting and useful for our practical activity. I'm very happy that I was participant of the 7th Edition of International Conference on DENTISTRY AND ORAL HEALTH.

Alexander Kharibegashvili Telavi State University, Georgia
Dental Conference

Thanks to your exceptional professionalism, fruitful efforts, and attention to detail and personalities of the participants you managed to make us feel supported and encouraged to enjoy the conference. You collected an especially strong list of eminent presenters and a huge variety of themes. Congratulations and thank you for the successful event.

Lydia Katrova Medical University of Sofia, Bulgaria
Dental Conferences

Many thanks! I had a good time and the international cast of speakers was particularly nice.

Steven J Traub American Institute of Oral Biology, USA
Dental Conferences

Nice days in Roma. Good and well organised congress with a lot of interesting topics. A lot of clever presentations and good discussions.

Paul K. Saele University of Bergen, Norway
Dental Conferences

I was surprised on the variety of topics and I think especially for the dentist in private practice it was a great overview on the whole field of dentistry.

Peter Reinhard Pospiech Charite University, Germany
Dental Conferences

The conference was great full. Of course I would like to participate as a speaker in London!

Camila Paiva Perin University Tuiuti do Parana, Brazil
Dental Conferences

It was just incredible!! Really know the hard work when we are in event. And I would like to congratulate the Magnus, because it has made a wonderful exchange among several countries for us health professionals.

Carollyne Mota Tiago FACIT, Brazil
Dental Conferences

Thank you very much for your warm welcoming. I really enjoyed the meeting and marvelous atmosphere of Valencia.
I hope that this conference dealing with almost every dental field will go and grow well.  See you next year.

In-Sung Luke Yeo Seoul National University, Korea
Dental Conferences

It was a pleasure being part of this conference.
I will mark the next days in Rome to my calender!

JaanaSippus Laseredu Ltd, Finland
Dental Conferences

Thank you very much, it was a great experience and the conferences were very educative and interesting. 

Stefanik Simard Lebel Universite de Montreal, Canada
Dental Conferences

I refer you to congratulate for the congress you organized.
The event was really well organized. Not only the presentations, but also the posters were very interesting.

Nagore Arroyo Lamas University of the Basque Country, Spain
Dental Conferences

I want briefly to say: Nice conference, nice preparation and arrangements and very nice people and participant and excellent Valencia and Spain as a whole.
I will not say goodbye but see you again in Rome 2018.

Ali A. Razooki Al-Shekhli Fujairah Campus, UAE
Dental Conferences

This type of Conference is valuable, besides the IADR and ICP and what ever. 
Look forwards to the meeting in Rome. 

Christina Mejersjo Sahlgrenska Academy, Sweden