International Summit on Hematology and Blood Disorders

April 27-29, 2023

April 27 -29, 2023 | Online Event
Hematology 2023

Francis Ajeneye

Francis Ajeneye, Speaker at Hematology Conferences
Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust, United Kingdom
Title : Achieving 100% blood traceability compliance: A United Kingdom district hospital experience


The National blood transfusion center gives its utmost priority to safe blood transfusion and this is done through monitoring all the threats that can be transmitted through blood transfusion. Safe blood transfusion depends on efficient testing techniques for blood donors and an effective traceability system in place to trace donors to recipients and vice versa. The prescription, distribution and transfusion of blood and its components is a complex process within the transfusion chain, traceability compliance of this whole process remains a legal requirement for all blood bank and establishment in the United Kingdom. This presentation will provide how the District Hospital achieved 100% traceability compliance after these major changes of the transfusion process were implemented.


  • It is a legal requirement in the U.K to trace all blood products.
  • Different models of tracking blood components.
  • Current practice of traceability compliance.
  • Lesson learnt from poor traceability compliance.


Francis Ajeneye, is a Chartered Scientist, member of the British Blood Transfusion Society, a Fellow of Institute of Biomedical Sciences and a Certified American Medical Technologist. His research interest has generated publications, including refereed journal articles, posters in professional journal and conference proceedings nationally and internationally. He is an active speaker at international meetings with areas of interest around - Traceability compliance models, tracking systems in blood transfusion, haemovigilance, alternatives to Blood Transfusion, safety barriers and error management in the blood transfusion. He continues to promote the appropriate use of blood and its products, an advocate for Quality Management Systems and Evidence-Based Research in Transfusion Medicine.

Ajeneye continues to build and maintain scientific knowledge on blood products and therapeutics by providing scientific and technical support for professional bodies, maintain credible, professional relationship, support teaching of Biomedical Science in the United Kingdom University and a reviewer for international journals.