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2nd Edition of International Conference on

Materials Science and Engineering

March 28 -30, 2022 | Singapore

2021 Speakers

Silver nanoparticles in zeolites matrix incorporated in commercial coating

Manuel Cortez Valadez, Speaker at
University of Sonora, Mexico
Title : Silver nanoparticles in zeolites matrix incorporated in commercial coating


In this report, results about the incorporation of silver nanoparticles in coatings are shown. The results were obtained using clinoptilolite-stilbite, clinoptilolite, and chabazite natural zeolites. The ion exchange properties of the zeolite promoted the obtaining and stabilization of the nanoparticles. The particle size of 2-20 nm was determined by TEM microscopy. Absorption bands around 400 nm were detected and associated with surface plasmon resonance. The bactericidal efficiency of the coatings was evaluated after incorporated on surfaces against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. The results indicated a higher bactericidal effect than the positive control.


Dr. Manuel Cortez studied Physics at the Sonora University, México and graduated as MS in 2006. He obtained a PhD degree in CINVESTAV, Querétaro, México in 2014. He is currently a member of the National System of Researchers. Dr. Manuel is currently a member of the Cátedras-CONACYT program. He has published about 44 scientific articles and participated in the direction several of PhD students.