International Conference on

Minerals, Metallurgy and Materials

March 22-24, 2021 | Online Event

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Speaker for Materials 2021 - David White
Dave White
Climate Change Truth Inc, USA

Title: Discovery: Reduction in photosynthesis correlation to carbon dioxide increase

Committee for Materials Science Conference-Carl Boehlert
Carl Boehlert
Michigan State University, USA

Title: High-Pressure torsion processing of Zn-3Mg alloy and its hybrid counterpart:  A comparative study

Committee for Materials Science Conference-Prof. Henning Zoz
Prof. Dr. Henning Zoz
CEO & President of Zoz Group, Germany

Title: Non-Religious Clean- Green- & Hightech in advanced materials & nanostructures - from solid-state Hydrogen storage to Titanium ODS - make more with less

Committee for Materials Science Conference-Trochu Francois
Trochu Francois
Research Center for High Performance Polymer and Composite Systems, Canada

Title: Creation of Material twin geometric Models of continuous Fiber composites based on X Ray Microtomography

Speaker for Materials Science Conference
Fouad Erchiqui
University of Quebec in Abitibi, Canada

Title: Hybrid enthalpy method for finite element thermal analysis of multi-materials involving multi-orientations of the thermal conductivity tensor.

Speaker for Materials Science Conference-Orlando Vaselli
Orlando Vaselli
ELTE University, Italy

Title: Remediation activities in the former mercury mine of Abbadia San Salvatore (Tuscany, central Italy)

Speaker for Materials Science Conference-Aleksandr Fomin
Aleksandr Fomin
Yuri Gagarin State Technical University of Saratov, Saratov, Russia

Title: A Combined "Tool Steel-Base – (Zr, ZrC)-Coating "Structure and Its Production by Electrospark Alloying with Subsequent Carburization

Respected Speaker for Materials 2021 - Sara Flores Gallegos
Sara Flores Gallegos
University of Cadiz, Spain

Title: Comparative of different capping approaches in the preservation of InAs/GaAs quantum dots in terms of content, size and density

Respected Speaker for Materials 2021 - Nazaret Ruiz Marin
Nazaret Ruiz Marin
University of Cadiz, Spain

Title: The use of thin AlAs capping layers in the InAs/GaAs quantum dot system for intermediate band solar cells

Speaker for Materials Science Conference
Marek Godlewski
Institute of Physics Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

Title: Thin films of oxides by Atomic Layer Deposition – New applications

Speaker for Materials Science Conference
Justyna Zygmuntowicz
Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

Title: Fabrication of Al2O3-Cu-Mo composites by centrifugal slip casting method

Speaker for Materials 2020 Conference-Waldemar Swiderski
Waldemar Swiderski
Military Institute of Armament Technology, Poland

Title: Detection of defects in CFRP composites by Optical Thermography methods

Materials 2021 Conference-Nazli Ozdemir
Nazli Ozdemir
Sartorius Stedim Biotech, United Kingdom

Title: Failure analysis of single use devices through materials characterisation

Speaker for Materials Science Conference
Noora Al-Qahtani
Qatar University and Imperial College London, UK

Title: Understanding the scales formation Inhibition mechanism on C-Steel in a sour media

Speaker for Plant Science Conference
Klaus Ammann
University of Bern, Switzerland

Title: How to structure the debate on modern breeding in agriculture?

Potential speaker for Materials 2021- Abdeen Mustafa Omer
Abdeen Mustafa Omer
Energy Research Institute(ERI), UK

Title: Low Energy Buildings Design and Human Comfort Solutions 

Speaker for Materials Science Conference-Anchal Nahata
Anchal Nahata
Bits Pilani Dubai Campus, United Arab Emirates

Title: Extrusion, Microstructure and Mechanical Characterization of a New Magnesium based Multicomponent Alloy

Speaker for Materials Science Conference
Maryam Alejji
Center for Advanced Material (CAM) Qatar University, Qatar

Title: Investigated the behaviour of Engineering nanoparticle materials during the anaerobic digestion

Speaker for plant conferences - Thomas C Mueller
Thomas C Mueller
University of Tennessee, USA

Title: Why is the mid-southern United States an epicenter for the development of herbicide resistant weeds?

Speaker for Materials 2021 - Liangge Xu
Liangge Xu
Harbin Institute of Technology, China

Title: Reaction mode-controlled Crystal Structures and properties of infrareds transparent conductive SnO2 films

Speaker for Materials Science Conference-Tzong-Yuan Juang
Tzong-Yuan Juang
Department of Cosmeceutics, China Medical University, Taiwan

Title: Preparation and bio-medical application of highly photoluminescent carbon nanodots derived from carbonized bamboo

Speaker for plant conference - Ali M. Missaoui
Ali M. Missaoui
The University of Georgia, USA

Title: Tweaking adaptation traits to improve yield in perennial herbaceous crops: Seasonal dormancy as a model

Respected Speaker for Materials 2021 - Ashwini Kumar
Ashwini Kumar
Luzhou Vocational and Technical College, China

Title: Observation of spin-reorientation transitions in BiFeO3 multiferroics modified by lead and titanium

Speaker for Plant Science Conference - Stevan Knezevic
Stevan Knezevic
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, United States

Title: Effects of Dicamba micro-rates on sensitive crops

Speaker for Materials Science Conference
Leticia P. R. de Moraes
University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Title: The effect of a 2D gadolinium-doped cerium oxide (CGO) barrier layer on the performance of LSCF/YSZ in IT-SOFCs

Speaker Plant Science Conference -  Jose Renato Stangarlin
Jose Renato Stangarlin
Western Parana State University, Brazil

Title: High diluted solution of Thuya occidentalis changes photosynthetic response curves in tomato plants infected with Meloidogyne incognita

Speaker for Materials Science Conference
Norman Toro Villarroel
Universidad Católica del Norte, Chile

Title: Novel process to dissolve copper from chalcopyrite with the use of manganese nodules and wastewater

Materials 2021 Conference speaker-Mohamed Oubaaqa
Mohamed Oubaaqa
Ibn Tofail University, Morocco

Title: Evaluation of ecofriendly compounds performance as corrosion inhibitors for mild steel in molar hydrochloric acid: Electrochemical study and theoretical approach

Respected Speaker for Materials 2021 - Omar Dagdag
Omar Dagdag
Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdallah University, Morocco

Title: Epoxy resins and their cyclotriphosphazene composites as flame retardancy polymeric materials: Thermal properties, computational and statistical approaches

Speaker for plant conferences -  Beitzen-Heineke Wilhelm
Beitzen-Heineke Wilhelm
BIOCARE GmbH, Germany

Title: ATTRACAP: An innovative attract-and-kill strategy for the control of wireworms

Speaker for Materials Science Conference
Nouha Siragi
University of Cadi Ayyad, Marrakech, Morocco

Title: Synthesis and characterization of copper-doped forsterite as new blue ceramic pigments

Speaker for Materials Science Conference-Mohamed Barbouche
Mohamed Barbouche
Research and Technologies Center of Energy (CRTEn), Tunisia

Title: Synthesis, purification and synthesis of silicon carbide for photovoltaic and optoelectronic devices

Speaker for Materials Science Conference-Mohamed Abdelaziz
Mohamed Abdelaziz
French University in Egypt, Egypt

Title: Mechanical behavior of transition metals-containing Al-Si-Cu-Mg cast alloy subjected to prolonged thermal exposure

Speaker for plant conferences -  Lin Xu
Lin Xu
Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Title: Wound signaling and cell fate transition in plant regeneration

Materials 2021 Conference-Amin El Adawy
Amin El Adawy
Faculty of Science, Menoufia University, Egypt

Title: Quantitative Analysis of the Thermal Properties of TeO2-Nb2O5-TiO2 Glasses

Speaker for Materials Science Conference-Abdelaziz
University of Sciences and Technology Houari Boumediene, Algeria

Title: Microstructural behavior of a deposit Ni60 / stainless steel obtained by Plasma Transferred Arc during cyclical aging at high temperatures

Committee for Materials Science Conference
Sumit Kumar Gupta
Parishkar College of Global Excellence, Jaipur, India

Title: Study of YBCO phase diagrams

Speaker for Materials Science Conference
Ashish Kumar
Lovely Professional University, India

Title: Computational, Thermodynamic and Experimental Studies on Acid   corrosion Inhibition of Aluminium by Acarbose

Potential speaker for Materials 2021- M. Amarnath
M. Amarnath
PDPM Indian Institute of Information Technology Design and Manufacturing Jabalpur, India

Title: Experimental investigations to enhance the rheological properties of vegetable oils blending with mineral oils

Respected Speaker for Materials 2021 - Arman Ai
Arman Ai
Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran

Title: Characterization of 58S bioactive glass based scaffold with Kaempferol?containing Zein coating for bone tissue engineering

Speaker for plant conference - Kostylev Pavel
Kostylev Pavel
Agricultural Research Center “Donskoy”, Russia

Title: Breeding of rice in the agricultural research center “Donskoy”

Speaker for Materials Science Conference-Desta
University of the Free State, Harrismith, South Africa

Title: Effect of doping Dy3+ on the structural and photoluminescence properties of Ba1. 3Ca0.7SiO4: Dy3+ phosphors for white lighting applications

Speaker for Plant Science Conference - Montacie Charlotte
Montacie Charlotte
UMR 5096 - CNRS/UPVD, France

Title: Nucleolar iron impacts rDNA organization and expression in A. thaliana

Speaker for plant biology conference - Geza Bujdoso
Geza Bujdoso
National Agricultural Research and Innovation Centre – Fruitculture Research Institute, Hungary

Title: Breeding for the ensure the good quality of the Hungarian Persian walnut industry

Speaker for Materials Science Conference
Peter Kessels Dadzie
Interior Design and Materials Technology Dept., Kumasi Technical University, Ghana

Title:  The worth of tropical hardwood branchwood as supplementary material to its stemwood for wood products manufacturing

Speaker for Plant Science Conferences
Youssef EL Kharrassi
University of Mohammed VI Polytechnic (UM6P), Morocco

Title: Ex situ conservation and in vitro multiplication of potential cactus species resistant to cochineal and productive of fruits consumable in Morocco

Speaker for Plant Science Conferences - Johannes Loubser
Johannes Loubser
Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Title: The effect of BC204, a plant bio-stimulant, on the growth of A. thaliana and S. lycopersicon

Speaker for Plant Science Conference - Ming-Jung Liu
Ming-Jung Liu
Academia Sinica, Taiwan

Title: Regulatory divergence in wound-responsive gene expression in domesticated and wild tomato

Speaker for Plant Science Conference - Qiang Wei
Qiang Wei
Nanjing Forestry University, China

Title: Exploring key cellular processes and candidate genes regulating the primary thickening growth of Moso underground shoots

Speaker for Plant Biology Conferences -  Zentgraf Ulrike
Zentgraf Ulrike
University of Tubingen, Germany

Title: Regulatory circuits connect early leaf development and senescence in Arabidopsis thaliana

Speaker for Plant Biology Conferences - Rafal Kukawka
Rafal Kukawka
Adam Mickiewicz University Foundation, Poland

Title: New compounds and their application as innovative approach to plant protection against pathogens

Speaker for Plant Conferences - Adriano Stinca
Adriano Stinca
University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli, Italy

Title: Invasion impact of the Genista etnensis (Raf.) DC. (Fabaceae) on Mt. Vesuvius Adriano Stinca

Speaker for Plant Conferences - Xiaoyu Li
Xiaoyu Li
Northeast Institute of Geography and Agroecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Title: Growth and physiology responses of Phragmites australis to drought, flooding and their alternate in inland salt marshes, Northeast China

Speaker for Plant Conferences - Wen-Hui Lin
Wen-Hui Lin
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Title: The Brassinosteroids (BR) signaling regulation of plant seed number

Speaker for Plant Conferences  - Tongda Xu
Tongda Xu
Fujian Agricultural and Forestry University, China

Title: TMK-mediated transcriptional auxin signaling in regulating plant development

Speaker for Materials Science Conference-Shehla Honey
Shehla Honey
Department of Physics, University of Okara, Pakistan

Title: Carbon Ions Irradiation-Induced Changes in Optical Transparency and Electrical Conductivity of Nickel Nanowires Mesh

Speaker for Plant Biology Conferences - Sri Hendrastuti Hidayat
Sri Hendrastuti Hidayat
Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia

Title: Virus diseases of garlic in Indonesia and potential control measures

Speaker for Plant Biology Conferences - Xiaoxue Wang
Xiaoxue Wang
Shenyang Agricultural University, China

Title: SKIP, a splicing factor, links alternative splicing to SWR1 chromatin remodeling complex and controls flowering time in arabidopsis

Speaker for Materials Science Conference-Jamil Asim
Jamil Asim
University of Okara, Okara, Pakistan

Title: Analysis of profile of ions irradiation-induced damage in nickel nanowires done by SRIM computer simulation technique

Speaker for Plant Biology Conferences - Yong Wang
Yong Wang
Shandong Agricultural University, China

Title: Identification and characterization of nitrate regulatory genes in plants

Speaker for Plant Biology Conferences - Yanju Liu
Yanju Liu
Beijing Milu Ecological Research Center, China

Title: Removal of airborne dust and associated metals by plant leaves

Speaker for Plant Biology Conferences - Graciela L. Salerno
Graciela L. Salerno
Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata and INBIOTEC-CONICET, Argentina

Title: TOR signaling under abiotic stress in plants

Speaker for Plant Science Conference - Mariska Lilly
Mariska Lilly
Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa

Title: Comparative proteomic analyses of two clonal Fusarium verticillioides MRC 826 strains that differ in fumonisin production in maize

Speaker for Plant Science Conference - Segret Lea
Segret Lea
France Ginseng, France

Title: Effect of high light stress on the photosynthesis of a shade demanding plant: Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer

Speaker for Plant Science Conference - Paola Fortini
Paola Fortini
University of Molise, Italy

Title: Ethnobotanical study on the medicinal plants in the central-southern Apennine, (Italy)

Speaker for Plant Science Conferences - Svetlana Nesterova
Svetlana Nesterova
Botanical Garden-Institute FEB RAS, Russia

Title: Floral morphology and reproductive biology of Asarum sieboldii Miq

Speaker for Plant Science Conferences - Fardad Didaran
Fardad Didaran
Tehran University, Iran

Title: Effects of magnetic field on peroxidase activity and hardening of new guinea impatiens explants

Speaker for Plant Science Conferences - Hongjie Qin
Hongjie Qin
Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China

Title: Water Hyacinths as phytoremidation and cyanobacterial bloom control

Speaker for Plant Science Conferences - Yangnan Gu
Yangnan Gu
Tsinghua University, China

Title: Gating plant immunity and cell at the nuclear pore

Speaker for Plant Science Conferences - Latha Rangan
Latha Rangan
Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India

Title: Estimation of nuclear genome size and its correlation with Ty1-copia like LTR retrotransposon and cell phenotypic traits

Speaker for Plant Science Conference - Nasim Abolfathi
Nasim Abolfathi
Shahid Chamran University of Ahwaz, Iran

Title: Investigation on population fluctuation, spatial distribution and sampling plans of Tetranychus urticae Koch. in common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) fields in north lorestan province-Iran

Speaker for plant biology conference - Jeff Bennetzen
Jeff Bennetzen
University of Georgia, USA

Title:  Vertically and horizontally transmitted genetic information in plant::plant and plant::microbe interactions

Speaker for plant biology conferences - Hanjo Hellmann
Hanjo Hellmann
Washington State University, USA

Title: Cullin 3 Plant E3 Ligases: A Perspective on Improving Agricultural Traits by Controlling Protein Stability

Speaker for plant science conference - Mohammad Babadoost
Mohammad Babadoost
University of Illinois, USA

Title: Improving Identification of Plant Pathogens by Molecular Analysis

Speaker for plant science conferences - Yinghua Huang
Yinghua Huang
USDA-ARS and Oklahoma State University , USA

Title: Omics approaches to plant genetics and crop improvement

Leading Speaker for plant biology conference - Geert De Jaeger
Geert De Jaeger
Center for Plant Systems Biology, VIB-Ghent University

Title: AP-MS and organ growth in plants: from cells to tissues

Leading  Speaker for plant biology conferences - Petr Karlovsky
Petr Karlovsky
Georg-August-University Goettingen, Germany

Title: Applications of plant biotechnology to protect crop plants from fungal infection

Leading  Speaker for plant science conference - Marta Valdez-Melara
Marta Valdez-Melara
University of Costa Rica, Costa Rica, Central America

Title: Rice genome editing: a contribution to climate change mitigation and achievement of food security in Costa Rica

Leading Speaker for plant science conferences - Joel Heinen
Joel Heinen
Florida International University, USA

Title: Cultivation, Market and Uses of Nepal’s Medicinal and Aromatic Plants: Reflections on Local and National Policy

Potential  Speaker for plant biology conference - Massimo Bosacchi
Massimo Bosacchi
KWS Gateway Research Center, USA

Title: Two mechanisms of lincosamide tolerance function as nuclear and plastid markers in higher plants

Potential Speaker for plant biology conferences - Xiangjia Jack Min
Xiangjia Jack Min
Youngstown State University, USA

Title: Prediction of Plant Protein Subcellular Locations

Potential Speaker for plant science conferences - Enrique Castano de la Serna
Enrique Castano de la Serna
Yucatan Cienfica Research Center, Mexico

Title: Fibrillarin sinteny evolution and viral interactions

Speaker for plant biology conference - Sowmyalakshmi Subramanian
Sowmyalakshmi Subramanian
McGill University, Canada

Title: Plant proteomic responses to signal compounds lipo-chito-oligosaccharide and thuricin

Speaker for plant biology conferences - Andres J. Cortes
Andres J. Cortes

Title: Inheritance of rootstock effects in fruit trees

Speaker for plant science conference - Steinbach Delphine
Steinbach Delphine
INRA, France

Title: ThaliaDB, a tool for data management and genetic diversity data exploration

Speaker for plant science conferences - Pierre Chagvardieff
Pierre Chagvardieff

Title: Plants and radionuclides: from hazard to biotechnology

Leading Speaker for plant biology conference - Sandra Josefina Bravo
Sandra Josefina Bravo
National University of Santiago del Estero, Argentina

Title: Regeneration strategies in native woody species from disturbed South American dry tropical forests: the of aerial bud bank and soil seed bank

Leading  Speaker for plant biology conferences - Manuel Tornel Martinez
Manuel Tornel Martinez
Instituto Murciano de Investigacion y Desarrollo Agrario y Alimentario, Spain

Title: New table grapes varieties obtained in Spanish breeding program ITUM-IMIDA for the world

Leading  Speaker for plant science conference - Dragutin T. Mihailovic
Dragutin T. Mihailovic
University of Novi Sad, serbia

Title: Stability of synchronization in the process of biochemical substance exchange in a diffusively coupled ring-like arrangement of cells in plants

Leading Speaker for plant science conferences - Hossein Khabaz Saberi
Hossein Khabaz Saberi
University of Western Australia, Australia

Title: A novel approach to enhancing grain yield in acid soils prone to extreme water regimes

Potential  Speaker for plant biology conference - Nadezhda Verkhovtseva
Nadezhda Verkhovtseva
Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russian Federation

Title: Probiotic microorganisms in the rhizosphere of agricultural plants

Potential Speaker for plant biology conferences - Nickolai Shadrin
Nickolai Shadrin
Kovalevsky Institute of Biology of Southern Seas, Russia

Title: Green algae Cladophora in the Crimean hypersaline waters as an ecosystem engineer and valuable resource

Potential  Speaker for plant science conference -  Jiri Sedlak
Jiri Sedlak
Research and Breeding Institute of Pomology Holovousy Ltd, Czech Republic

Title: In vitro multiplication of plum cultivars (Prunus domestica L.)

Potential Speaker for plant science conferences - Izabela Sondej
Izabela Sondej
Forest Research Institute, Poland

Title: Impact of wild boar rooting on a soil seed bank of oak-linden-hornbeam forest in the Bialowieza Forest

Speaker for plant biology conference -  Sergey A. Kornatskiy
Sergey A. Kornatskiy
Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Russia

Title: New strategies in clonal micropropagation of fruit crops

Speaker for plant biology conferences - Szymon Rusinowski
Szymon Rusinowski
Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas, Oral

Title: How harvest date affect physiological status of Miscanthus x giganteus and Miscanthus seed-based hybrids cultivated on heavy metal contaminated arable land?

Speaker for plant science conference - Giedre Samuoliene
Giedre Samuoliene
Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry, Lithuania

Title: LED technological possibilities: tool for management of metabolic changes in microgreens

Speaker for plant science conferences - Sadasivam Sankaranarayanan
Sadasivam Sankaranarayanan
Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, India

Title: Plant Biotechnology: Progress and Prospects

Leading Speaker for plant biology conference -  Ian Dubery
Ian Dubery
University of Johannesburg, South Africa

Title: Defense-related reprogramming in Sorghum bicolor against infection by Burkholderia andropogonis : a metabolomics study

Leading  Speaker for plant biology conferences -  He Jie
He Jie
National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Title: Root morphology, productivity, and photosynthesis of aeroponically grown ice plants (Mesembryanthemum crystallinum) with different nutrient spraying intervals

Leading  Speaker for plant science conference -  Kexuan Tang
Kexuan Tang
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Title: Strategies for improving artemisinin content in the engineered Artemisia annua plant

Leading Speaker for plant science conferences -  Haruhiko Murase
Haruhiko Murase
Osaka Prefecture University, Japan

Title: Massive Growth of Super Dwarf Rice Plant in A Fully Closed Type Plant Factory for Poly Lactic Acid Production

Potential  Speaker for plant biology conference -  Tian Tang
Tian Tang
Sun Yat-sen University, China

Title: Evolutionary epigenomics of mangroves reveals the homeostatic role of gene body methylation in stress adaptation

Potential Speaker for plant biology conferences - Muhammad Naseem
Muhammad Naseem
Zayed University Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Title: Cytokinins for immunity; inside and beyond plants

Potential  Speaker for plant science conference - Wei Deng
Wei Deng
Chongqing University, China

Title: Trichome formation and insect tolerance in tomato

Potential Speaker for plant science conferences - Ting Wang
Ting Wang
Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Title: Researches on the radiation induced non-targeted effects in Arabidopsis thaliana

Speaker for plant biology conference -  Jian Gao
Jian Gao
International Centre for Bamboo and Rattan, China

Title: Hormone Signaling and Alternative splicing in Moso Bamboo Shoot Growth

Speaker for plant biology conferences -  Lai Cheng Hsiang
Lai Cheng Hsiang
National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Title: Physiology and productivity of temperate vegetable crops exposed to sub-lethal heat stress

Speaker for plant science conference -  Ergun Kaya
Ergun Kaya
Mugla Sitki Kocman University, Turkey

Title: Cryotherapy: Cryogenic Technology for virus elimination from infected plants

Speaker for plant science conferences -  B C Tripathy
B C Tripathy
School of Life Sciences, JNU, India

Title: Towards C4 rice; Overexpression of C4 genes in Arabidopsis thaliana and Oryza sativa Enhances Photosynthesis, Plant Productivity and Water Use Efficiency

Leading Speaker for plant biology conference - Hemangee Abhay Jambhekar
Hemangee Abhay Jambhekar
Vasumitra Life Energies Pvt. Ltd, India

Title: Studies on effect of herbal extract Samved Fugall (CO2) absorbent on Cotton

Leading  Speaker for plant biology conferences -  Mudalagiriyappa
UAS, GKVK, India

Title: Precision Nitrogen Management Through Crop Sensors on Growth and Yield of Aerobic Rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Leading  Speaker for plant science conference -  S D Ramteke
S D Ramteke
ICAR National Research Centre for grapes, India

Title: Importance of Plant Growth Regulators in Table Grape Production

Leading Speaker for plant science conferences - P K Basavaraju
P K Basavaraju
University of Agricultural Sciences, India

Title: Glomalin content of soil in relation to soil organic carbon under long term fertilizer studies in finger millet – maize cropping system

Potential  Speaker for plant biology conference -  Ruma Pal
Ruma Pal
University of Calcutta, India

Title: An optimistic Foresight of Micro-algal Biotechnology

Potential Speaker for plant biology conferences - Renu Kumari
Renu Kumari
National Institute of Plant Genome Research, India

Title: Molecular characterization of 3-Hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-CoA reductase (HMGR) multigene family in legume crop Cicer arietinum

Potential  Speaker for plant science conference -  Partha Talukdar
Partha Talukdar
University of Calcutta, India

Title: Phytoplankton diversity of two different ecological niches in relation to physico-chemical parameters

Potential Speaker for plant science conferences - Arpita Roy
Arpita Roy
Delhi Technological University, India

Title: Qualitative analysis and anti-bacterial investigation of Plumbago zeylanica

Speaker for plant biology conference -  N Shanthi
N Shanthi
Pachaiyappas College, India

Title: Effect of enhanced solar UVB (280-320 nm) radiation morphology, photosynthetic pigment and synthesis bioactive compounds in medicinal plants

Speaker for plant biology conferences -  Sreemanti Banerjee
Sreemanti Banerjee
University of Calcutta, India

Title: An Investigation on Cyanobacteria based Nano-iron production and their characterization

Speaker for plant science conference - P K Basavaraju
P K Basavaraju
University of Agricultural Sciences, India

Title: Effect of Boron Fertilizer on sunflower seed yield and oil production

Speaker for plant science conferences -  Khashti Dasila
Khashti Dasila
G.B. Pant National Institute of Himalayan Environment and Sustainable Development, India

Title: Population status, soil properties and microbial colonization in Himalayan Silver Birch (Betula utilis D. Don)

Speaker for plant biology conference - Rahul Bose
Rahul Bose
University of Calcutta, India

Title: Characterization of Nano-Structured Siliceous Frustules of Amphora sp. and Application in Nanodevices

Speaker for plant biology conferences -  Iman Dey
Iman Dey
University of Calcutta, India

Title: Phytoremediation of tannery waste using cyanobacteria as bioreagent with special reference to Nano Chromium formation

Materials science conferences
Chen Wang
National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, China

Title: Reflections on societal impact of nanotechnology in china

Materials science conferences
Thomas Mensah
Georgia Aerospace Systems, USA

Title: Commercializing Nanotechnology.

Material science conferences 2020
Philippe Knauth
Aix Marseille University, France

Title: Thin ion-conducting membranes for energy technologies: advanced conformal deposition by electrochemistry.

Materials science conferences
Bogdan Kuchta
Aix-Marseille University, France

Title: Adsorption induced low temperature transformations of methane adsorbed in IRMOF microporous structures.

Material science conferences 2020
Maria Luisa Di Vona
University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy

Title: Composite ion exchange membranes with nanometric building units.

Materials science conferences
Maxim Ryzhii
University of Aizu, Japan

Title: Real-space transfer in graphene-phosphorene heterostructures: Physics and prospective applications.

Materials science conferences 2020
Enge Wang
Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Title: Water:Soft in Nature, Hard in Science.

Materials science conferences
Mahmoud Khodari Maeila Hamed
South Valley University, Eygpt

Title: Applications of Nano-Materials in Chemistry.

Materials science conferences
Mohammed Amer
University of California, United States

Title: Emerging New Van der Waals Semiconductor Devices: Opportunities and Challenges.

Toxicology Conferences 2020
Julia Xiaojun Zhao
University of North Dakota, USA

Title: Development of graphene-based nanomaterials for biomedical applications.

Materials science conferences
Bozena Sikora
Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

Title: Multifunctional nanoconstructs based up-converting NaYF4 doped rare earth.

Material science conferences 2020
Anna Pajor Swierzy
Jerzy Haber Institute of Catalysis and Surface Chemistry Polish Academy of Science, Poland

Title: The optimization of methods of synthesis of nickel nanoparticles with silver nanoshell as component of conductive materials.

Materials science conferences
Rokas Zalneravicius
Center for physical sciences and technology, Lithuania

Title: Amino acid coated ultra-small nanoparticles as efficient antibiotics.

Material science conferences 2020
Dawid Pakulski
Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland

Title: Functionalized graphene oxide as a new, high performance adsorbent of heavy metal ions and organic dyes.

Material science conferences 2020
Zhipeng Xie
Tsinghua University, China

Title: Nanostructured zirconia-based ceramic material fabricated by an oscillatory pressure sintering process.

Materials science conferences
Przemyslaw Kowalik
Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

Title: Biofunctionalized multifunctional nanoparticles as a potential strategy for a targeted cancer therapy.

Materials science conferences
Jose Anzaldo Hernandez
Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico

Title: Hydrochar fuctionalized with sulfurous acid of agave tequilana weber leaves.

Materials Science Conferences 2020
Henrique E. Toma
University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Title: A sustainable nanotechnological approach for urban mining and recovery of strategic elements.

Materials science conferences
Adam Januszko
General Tadeusz Kosciuszko Military University of Land Forces, Poland

Title: Carbon nanotubes and carbon nanotubes-polymer compositions for photovoltaics and aviation application.

Material science conferences 2020
Roberta Cagliani
University of Genova, Italy

Title: Nanobiointeractions: Nanoparticle induced modulation of immune system.

Material science conferences 2020
Jose Higino Correia
University of Minho, Portugal

Title: Optogenetic Neural Interfaces.

Materials science conferences
Hatim Machrafi
Universite de Liege, Belgium

Title: Self-assembly by multi-drop evaporation of carbon-nanotube and graphene-oxide-platelet droplets on a polycarbonate substrate for applications in energy and medicine.

Materials science conferences
MayReda Mohamed
Ajman University, UAE

Title: Comparative study of antimicrobial activity of various silver nanoparticles synthesized by various green methods.

Materials science conferences
Zhengjun Zhang
Tsinghua University, China

Title: On-site Gas Sensing by Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering.

Material science conferences 2020
Karel Havlicek
Technical University of Liberec, Czech Republic

Title: Modification of PES membrane through in-situ formed silver nanoparticles to mitigate biofouling.

Materials science conferences
Giovanni Cusimano
Institute of Biomedicine and Molecular Immunology "Alberto Monroy", Italian National Research Council, Italy

Title: Exploring nose-to-brain insulin delivery as a new strategy for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

Material science conferences 2020
Jing Xu
Tsinghua University, China

Title: Advanced Li2S@VO2 cathode for lithium-sulfur battery.

Material science conferences 2020
Chang-An Wang
Tsinghua University, China

Title: Research on Solid Electrolytes for Lithium Batteries.

Materials science conferences
Magda Nechanicka
Technical University of Liberec, Czech Republic

Title: Evaluation of NZVI injection at the contaminated site using newly developed software.

Material science conferences 2020
Remya Simon
Stella Maris College, India

Title: Facile synthesis of modified Styrene–maleic anhydride/ Zinc oxide polymer nanocomposites for supercapacitor applications.

Materials science conferences
Sohini Chakraborty
Stella Maris College, India

Title: Fabrication of styrene-maleic anhydride /CNT nanocomposites for supercapacitor electrodes.

Materials science conferences
Tomasz Tanski
Silesian University of Technology, Poland

Title: Research of dye synthesis photovoltaic cells (DSSC) with photoanodes from ceramic nanowfibers.

Material science conferences 2020
Hatem Abushammala
Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research, Germany

Title: The production of electrically conductive nanocellulose and its potential.

Materials science conferences
Ivan Vakarelski
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia

Title: Nanoparticles based superhydrophobic coatings for water drag reduction.

Material science conferences 2020
Ivan Stich
Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia

Title: Oxygen on rutile TiO2(110) surface: AFM manipulation of charge state and molecular bond.

Material science conferences 2020
Olugbenga Falode
University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Title: Experimental Investigation Of The Influence Of Nanofluid–Alternating-Brine (NAB) Flooding On Oil Recovery In Niger Delta Sandstone Reservoir Rocks

Materials science conferences
Manjunatha. C
R.V. College of Engineering, India

Title: Fabrication of thiol-functionalised core shell magnetic iron oxide nano-particles for Hg2+ ion removal in water.

Material science conferences 2020
Ashoka S
Dayananda Sagar University, India

Title: In situ addition of graphitic carbon into nico2o4/coo composite: Its effect on oxygen evolution reaction.

Materials science conferences
Ashwag Mohammad Almaimouni
King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia

Title: Fabrication of multilayer high-k dielectric thin films using deep ultraviolet annealing approach.

Material science conferences 2020
Hedieh Ghourchian
Islamic Azad University, Iran

Title: Genotoxicity of noscapine nanosuspension prepared by microfluidic reactors on hepg2 cell line.

Materials science conferences
Sara Sheikhlary
Kharazmi University, Iran

Title: Nano Drugs: A probable treatment for Alzheimer ‘s Disease.

Material science conferences 2020
Mohsin Ali Raza
University of the Punjab, Pakistan

Title: Graphene oxide coated-glass fibers reinforced unsaturated polyester composites.

Materials science conferences
Muhammad Waseem
COMSATS University, Pakistan

Title: Effect of silica coating on the physicochemical properties of magnetite nanoparticles: Drug loading and release study.

Material science conferences 2020
Christoph Alexiou
University Hospital Erlangen, Germany

Title: Iron oxide nanoparticles for biomedical applications - the SEON concept.

Materials science conferences
Vladimir Torchilin
Northeastern University, USA

Title: Next generation of drug delivery system: stimuli-sensitive combination Nano preparations

Material science conferences 2020
Joe E Springer
University of Kentucky, USA

Title: Nanoparticle Delivery of Mitochondria-Associated MicroRNA Regulating Inflammation in the Central Nervous System.

Material science conferences 2020
Esmaiel Jabbari
University of South Carolina, USA

Title: Engineered spatiotemporal delivery of morphogens for skeletal regeneration.

Materials science conferences
Gillian Hutcheon
Liverpool John Moores University, UK

Title: Peptide delivery to the brain: A novel treatment for migraine

Materials science conferences
Marcelle Machluf
Israel Institute of Technology, Israel

Title: Overcoming the barriers to effective targeted drug delivery through stem cell-derived Nano- Ghosts.

Materials science conferences
Mino R Caira
University of Cape Town, South Africa

Title: Physicochemical characterization of co-crystals and cyclodextrin inclusion complexes of bioactive molecules..

Material science conferences 2020
Eugenia V Gurevich
Vanderbilt University, USA

Title: Signaling peptides for brain diseases: Delivery and action.

Materials science conferences
El Hassane Larhrib
University of Huddersfield, UK

Title: Impact of inhalation manoeuvre parameters on drug delivery to the Lungs from dry powder inhalers in-vitro and Ex- vitro.

Material science conferences 2020
Luis Jesus Villarreal-Gomez
Universidad Autonoma de Baja California, Mexico

Title: Poly (vinyl pyrrolidone) Nanofibers as Drug Delivery of Sildenafil Citrate.

Materials science conferences
Georgina Kate Such
The University of Melbourne, Australia

Title: Understanding the Impact of Nanoparticle Structure on Cellular Response.

Material science conferences 2020
Marc Du Jardin
Universiteit Antwerpen, Belgium

Title: 5-Tiered (pre-) formulation approach to support toxicology studies.

Materials science conferences
Mario Jug
University of Zagreb, Croatia

Title: Challenges of in vitro drug release testing from advanced mucosal formulations.

Material science conferences 2020
Natassa Pippa
University of Athens, Greece

Title: Chimeric and Multicompartment Drug Delivery Systems: Lessons learned and future Perspectives.

Materials science conferences
Gerhard Winter
Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich, Germany

Title: Lipid based parenteral depots for biomolecules, an update on recent work.

Material science conferences 2020
Csaba Hetenyi
University of Pecs, Hungary

Title: Computational blind docking of ligands to drug targets: methodology and applications.

Material science conferences 2020
Elaine F Enright
University College Cork, Ireland

Title: The influence of gut microbiota-mediated bile acid metabolism on the cellular response to therapeutics at the intestinal barrier.

Materials science conferences 2020
Ilya Yakavets
Universite de Lorraine, France

Title: Cyclodextrin-based photoactive liposomal nanoparticles for tumor targeting.

Materials science conferences
Selene Baschieri
Energy and Sustainable Economic Development, Italy

Title: Getting health allies from agriculture enemies: plant viruses as smart nanoparticles for vaccine/drug delivery.

Materials science conferences 2020
Hadrien Calmet
Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain

Title: New aerosol treatment for human nasal cavity through numerical simulation.

Materials science conferences
Yulia Svenskaya
Saratov State University, Russia

Title: Porous biodegradable particles for efficient transfollicular drug delivery.

Materials science conferences
Takahisa Yamamoto
Kansai Medical University, Japan

Title: Polyethyleneimine-simvastatin nanoparticles loaded PANi/chitosan-gelatin scaffolds as drug delivery for osteogenesis.

Material science conferences 2020
Matej Dobravc Verbic
University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Slovenia

Title: Case presentation: Patient with metastatic pancreatic adenocarcinoma treated with nanoliposomal irinotecan combination therapy.

Materials science conferences
Ali Dehshahri
Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Iran

Title: Polyethylenimine-based nanoparticles decorated with small molecules mimicking RGD peptide for targeted plasmid DNA delivery.

Materials science conferences 2020
Vandana B Patravale
Institute of Chemical Technology, India

Title: Brain targeted nanotherapeutics: an enticing journey from ideation to product realization.

Materials science conferences
Chaodong Wu
Texas A&M University, USA

Title: Cyclic GMP-AMP: A new hope for metabolic disease?

Material science conferences 2020
Faiza Naseer
University of Huddersfield, UK

Title: Characterization of lactose carrier for dry powder inhaler formulations.

Materials science conferences
Maya Bar-Zeev
Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Israel

Title: Casein-based nanovehicles for oral delivery of chemotherapeutic combinations to overcome multidrug resisitance in Gastric cancer.

Material science conferences 2020
Daniel Zucker
NOF Europe GmbH, Germany

Title: Delivery of siRNA in vivo to the liver using redox sensitive and ionizable lipids.

Materials science conferences
Guo-Ping Zhou
Guangxi Academy of Sciences, China

Title: The Competitive binding Studies of CMP Inhibitor and Polysialic Acid (polySia) to the Polybasic Polysialyltransferase Domain (PSTD) in the Polysialyltransferase.         

Materials science conferences 2020
Nataliya Storozhylova
University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Title: New potential nanotechnology-based therapy with novel Gal-3 inhibitor for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.  

Materials science conferences
Tomasz Osmalek
Poznan University of Medical Sciences, Poland

Title: The effects of drug encapsulation into gellan gum matrix by the example of roxithromycin,naproxen and meloxicam.      

Material science conferences 2020
Sarmad Al-Edresi
University of Manchester, UK

Title: Active loading of resveratrol in transferrin-functionalised liposomes using a pH gradient technique.

Materials science conferences
Biana Godin
Houston Methodist Research Institute, USA

Title: Myometrium-targeted liposomes for prevention of preterm labor.

Materials science conferences
Kira Astakhova
Beckman Research Institute, Denmark

Title: Novel RNA-carbohydrate conjugates for modulation of LDLR and cholesterol by transcriptional Silencing’.  

Material science conferences 2020
Enise Ece Gurdal
Yeditepe University, Turkey

Title: Synthesis and cytotoxicity studies on novel piperazinylacetamides.

Materials science conferences
Irina Ermolina
De Montfort University School of Pharmacy, UK

Title: HEA-HEMA hydrogels: Composition effect on physicochemical and pharmaceutical properties.

Material science conferences 2020
Vladimir Muzykantov
University of Pennsylvania the Perelman School of Medicine , USA

Title: Targeting nanomedicine to the vascular endothelium.

Materials science conferences
Lourdes Amable Vega Rasgado
Escuela Nacional de Ciencias Biologicas, Mexico

Title: EAAT3 proteins as a pharmacological target for the design of new antiepileptic drugs.

Toxicology Conferences 2020
Ana Carolina Kogawa
Universidade Estadual Paulista – UNESP, Brazil

Title: Microbiological pharmaceutical analysis: Better safe than sorry.

Materials 2020
Dave White
Climate Change Truth Inc, USA

Title: Discovery: Reduction in photosynthesis correlation to carbon dioxide increase

Materials 2020
Qingcheng Mao
University of Washington, USA

Title: Key drug disposition genes and hepatic metabolic pathways are altered in germ-free mice during pregnancy

Materials 2020
Rakkiyappan Chandran
Supreme Corporation, USA

Title: Bio-mimetic Multimodal Nanostructured Surfaces Fabricated with Self-Assembling Biopolymer and its Applications

Materials 2020
Aliyah Alsharif
University of Liverpool, United Kingdom

Title: Gas-phase dehydroisomerization of alpha-pinene to para-cymene catalyzed by metal oxides

Materials 2020
Simone Carradori
“G. d’Annunzio” University of Chieti-Pescara, Italy

Title: New chemical scaffolds as carbon monoxide releasing molecules (CORMs) for the management of inflammation

Materials 2020
Vakhtang Barbakadze
Tbilisi State Medical University, Georgia

Title: Novel Acidic Polysaccharide: Poly[3-(3,4-Dihydroxyphenyl)Glyceric Acid Ether] from Medicinal Plants of Boraginaceae Family, its Synthetic Analogues and their Anticancer Efficacy

Materials 2020
Irmina Wojciechowska
Poznan University of Technology, Poland

Title: Synthesis of vinylbenzyl bromide/divinylbenzene copolymer by post-polymerization functionalisation

Materials 2020
Henadzi Filipenka
Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University, Belarus

Title: Nature of chemical elements

Materials 2020
Vasily Lutsyk
Institute of Physical Materials Science SB RAS, Russian Federation

Title: Computer 3D & 4D models of T-x-y & T-x-y-z diagrams of the Ternary & Quaternary Systems as a Novel Tool in Chemistry & Materials Science

Materials 2020
Lydia Bondareva
Federal Scientific Center, Russian Federation

Title: The hyperaccumulating and remediating potential of some plant species  

Materials 2020
Vera Isaeva
Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Federation

Title: The role of the morphology and dispersion of catalysts based on metal nanoparticles and metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) in some practically important reactions

Materials 2020
Giovanna Rossi Marquez
Jose Mario Molina Pasquel y Henríquez Technological Institute, Mexico

Title: Whey protein sodium alginate complexes to make edible films

Materials 2020
Afshin Abrishamkar
PSL Research University, France

Title: How can microfluidics help material scientists in the field of Advance Materials?

Materials 2020
Ichiro Imae
Hiroshima University, Japan

Title: Donor-acceptor-type polymers having oligothiophenes with well-defined structures

Materials 2020
Radu Albulescu
National Institute for Chemical Pharmaceutical R&D, Romania

Title: Biocompatibility evaluation of biomedical materials

Materials 2020
Catalin Bogdan Coroleuca
University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Romania

Title: The use of indocyanine green in the detection of sentinel lymph node in gynaecological cancers and endometriosis

Materials 2020
Juan Daniel Diaz Santibanez
Universidad de Concepcion, Chile

Title: Synthesis and Characterization of POMs with Keggin-type Structure of [PVXMo12-XO40](3+x)-; X= 1, 2: Effect of the Calcination Temperature on Structure and Texture Properties

Materials 2020
Tharwat M EL Sakran
American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Title: An exploration of textual similarities and differences between two genres: The engineering research article (RA) and its subsequent poster

Materials 2020
Ang yang Yu
Chinese Forestry University, China

Title: Dissipative particle dynamics study of the surface diffusion dynamics of Polymer Chain

Materials 2020
Nezihe Ayas
Eski?ehir Technical University, Turkey

Title: Characterization, activity, stability of Ni/CeO2-ZrO2 catalyst via bioethanol steam reforming for H2 production

Materials 2020
Yacine Kouhlane
University Badji Mokhta, Algeria

Title: Post effect of RTP processing on as-cut c-Si silicon wafers

Materials 2020
Yasmina khane
University of Ghardaia, Algeria

Title: Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles using olive leaves Extract and evaluation of their antimicrobial activity

Materials 2020
Salima Bouteraa
University of Sciences and Technology of Oran, Algeria

Title: Mixed metal oxide derived from Lanthanum-containing Zn-Fe-CO3 Layered double hydroxides: Promoting visible light photocatalytic activity

Materials 2020
Seongwoo Woo
Addis Ababa Science & Technology University, Ethiopia

Title: Reliability Design of Mechanical Systems Subject to Repetitive Stresses

Materials 2020
Raghda El Nagar
Researcher in Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute, Eygpt

Title: Application of green asymmetric dicationic ionic liquids for oil spill remediation in sea water

Materials 2020
Kuriya M. Lokanatha Rai
University of Mysore, India

Title: Synthetic and analytical applications of chloramine-T

Materials 2020
Bhupendra G. Prajapati
Shree S.K.Patel College of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, India

Title: Recent Developments on Solid Lipid Nanoparicles in Targeted Drug Delivery

Materials 2020
E. Chinnaraja
Central Salt and Marine Chemicals Research Institute, India

Title: Metallohelicates: A Potential Catalyst for Asymmetric Synthesis

Materials 2020
Umair Ahmad Riyazuddin
J.I.I.U’S Ali-Allana College of Pharmacy, India

Title: Public Responsibilities In Prevention And Control Of Covid-19

Materials 2020
Ashwin Singh Chouhan
Jai Narain Vyas University, India

Title: Role Of Pharmacist In Health Care System

Materials 2020
Anu Hardenia
Suresh Gyan Vihar University, India

Title: Application of Design of Experiments (DOE) Principles in Formulation of Novel Drug Delivery Systems

Materials 2020
Sarita Yadav
DDU Gorakhpur University, India

Title: Derhamnosylation of orange peel naringin by  α-L- rhamnosiadase  from Aspergillus oryzee NAIMCC-F-02469

Materials 2020
Shweta Gupta
Ideal College of Pharmacy & Research, India

Title: Recent advances in lipidic formulations for bioavailability enhancement

Materials 2020
Sumathi Jones
Professor and Head, Asan Memorial Dental College and Hospital, India

Title: Novel Nanonutraceutical formulations and its role in health as biomedicine

Materials 2020
Yogeshwar R Suryawanshi
Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute, India

Title: Hydrogenation of Dibenzo-18-crown-6 ether using γ-Al2O3 supported Ru-Pd and Ru-Ni bimetallic nanoalloy catalysts

Materials 2020
Abhishek Chaudhary
Jaypee University of Information Technology (JUIT), India

Title: Facile green synthesis of silver nanoparticles from kitchen onion waste (Allium cepa) and quercetin: Evaluation of their antimicrobial activity and antioxidant potential

Materials 2020
Ratnakar Ravindra Chitte
SPTMC, Vanita Vishram, India

Title: Microbial enzymes and their potential impact on human life

Materials 2020
Banchhanidhi Prusti
BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus, India

Title: Flexibility-Driven polymorphic solid-state emitters: A variation in the multi-stimuli responsive behavior for Anthracenyl π- conjugates

Materials 2020
Saad Saeed
NFC Institute of Engineering & Technology, Pakistan

Title: Thermal performance analysis of sugarcane bagasse pretreated by ionic liquids

Materials 2021_Guanjie He
Guanjie He
University of Lincoln, U.K.

Title: Development of electrocatalysts and their structural evolution

Materials 2021_Daniela Monti
Daniela Monti
University of Pisa, Italy

Title: Nanostructured Formulations in Skin Cancer: Challenges and Perspectives

Materials 2021
Dmitry Ustyuzhanin
National Medical Research Center of Cardiology, Russia

Title: Assessment an umbilical cells induced neuroplasticity in patients with schizophrenia using functional MRI

Materials 2021
Hector M. Alvarez
University of Patagonia San Juan Bosco, Argentina

Title: Bioengineering single-cell oil production by oleaginous Rhodococcus spp. to enlarge their application spectrum

Materials 2021
Mohammed Amine Serghini
Ibn Zohr University, Morocco

Title: Molecular marker characterization and petal valorization of saffron ‘Crocus sativus L.'

Materials 2021
Victor Alfonso Alonso Campos
IPICYT, Mexico

Title: Biotechnological approach to valorize emissions: biological conversion of styrene to polyhydroxyalkanoates using two-phase partitioning bioreactors

Materials 2021
Lucelly Montserrat Medina Pino
Meritorious Autonomous University of Puebla, Mexico

Title: Obtaining Blue Fluorescent Protein Trough a Novel Technique

Materials 2021
Itzel Covarrubias
IPICYT, Mexico

Title: Implementation of conductive materials: reduced graphene oxide adorned with Fe3O4 nanoparticles for biogas upgrading

Materials 2021
Carla CCR de Carvalho
Instituto Superior Tecnico, Portugal

Title: Improving bioprocesses by using adaptation strategies of Rhodococcus

Materials 2021
Kuriya M. Lokanatha Rai
University of Mysore, India

Title: Organic Synthesis under Solvothermal condition

Materials 2021
Rahul Hajare
Indian Council of Medical Research, India

Title: Evaluating non-milk beast of non-teaching staffs living with academic deformation bypass less sunlight pharmacy institutions in Pune University India Privately

Materials 2021
Neha Mishra
Dr. Hari Singh Gour University, India

Title: Photoluminescence and Electrochemical Properties of Thiazole Derivative’s Schiff Base Ligand Based Coordination Complexes

Materials 2021
Shyamapada Mandal
University of Gour Banga, India

Title: Bioinformatic approaches on differential gene expression in scrub typhus compared to some other acute febrile infections 

Materials 2021
Mansureh Ghavam
University of Kashan, Iran

Title: An overview of RSV antiviral medicinal plants that may be key to Coronavirus

Materials 2021
Peter Kessels Dadzie
Kumasi Technical University, Ghana

Title: The worth of tropical hardwood branchwood as supplementary material to its stemwood for wood products manufacturing

Materials 2021
Beddiaf Zaidi
University of Batna 1 , Algeria

Title: Numerical analysis of ZnS/SnS Heterojunction solar cell

Materials 2021
Siguna Mueller
Independent Researcher, Austria

Title: Towards a better comprehension of present and future cyberbiosecurity vulnerabilities fostered by an interdisciplinary security approach

Materials 2021
Alexander Ajai
Federal University of Technology, Nigeria

Title: Impacts of Artisanal Mining Activities on Heavy Metal contents in Soil, Water and Selected Food Crops 

Materials 2021
Rohit Bhatia
ISF College of Pharmacy, India

Title: Coumarin-dihydropyrimidinone hybrids: design, virtual screening, synthesis and cytotoxic activity against breast cancer

Materials Science 2021
Huda Abdulaziz Shaheen
King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia

Title: A sensitive high-performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometric method for determination of bisoprolol after derivatization with 3-bromomethyl-propyphenazone: Application to rat serum

Materials 2021
Roaa Tayeb
King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia

Title: Impact of Concomitant Administration of Apixaban and Rifampicin on the Pharmacokinetics of Apixaban in Rat Plasma Using Developed HPLC/MS Method

Respected Speaker for Materials 2021 - Omar Dagdag
Omar Dagdag
Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdallah University, Morocco

Title: Epoxy resins and their cyclotriphosphazene composites as flame retardancy polymeric materials: Thermal properties, computational and statistical approaches


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