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8th Edition of

International Conference on Materials Science and Engineering

March 10-12, 2025 | Rome, Italy

Materials 2022

Johan Debayle

Speaker at Materials Science and Engineering 2022 - Johan Debayle
MINES Saint-Etienne, France
Title : Stochastic geometrical modeling of SOC electrode microstructures


During the last decades, advances in 3D characterization have been achieved to image the Solid Oxide Cells (SOC) electrode microstructure with a high spatial resolution by using different techniques (FIB-SEM, X-ray tomography…). These techniques enable to study the links between the electrode microstructural and physical properties. However, this approach is time consuming as it requires the manufacturing and the characterization of several cells. An alternative consists in generating representative synthetic microstructures by numerical means in order to increase the amount of data required to establish the correlations linking the electrode microstructure parameters. The proposed talk will then introduce different ways to model and simulate virtual SOC electrode microstructures, of both two-phase electrodes and three-phased composite electrodes, using stochastic geometry. The performance, representativeness and flexibility of such models will be demonstrated and validated on real 3D reconstructions.
The author(s) acknowledge(s) the support of the French Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR), under grant ANR-18-CE05-0036 (project ECOREVE).

What will audience learn from your presentation?

  • Notions of stochastic geometry
  • Geometrical characterization of multiphase materials
  • Geometrical modeling of multiphase materials
  • Usefulness of such tools to simulate representative virtual materials


Johan DEBAYLE received his Ph.D. in the field of image processing and analysis in 2005. Currently, he is a Full Professor at MINES Saint-Etienne in France, where he leads the PMDM Department interested in image analysis of granular media. His research interests include image processing and analysis, pattern recognition and stochastic geometry. He is/was the General Chair of several international conferences and serves as Associate Editor for different international journals. He is a Fellow of the IET, Member of SPIE, IAPR, ISSIA, Senior Member of IEEE and Vice-Chair Membership of IEEE France Section.