6th Edition of International Conference on

Materials Science and Engineering

March 18-20, 2024 | Singapore

Materials 2022

Jake Airey

Speaker at Materials Science and Engineering 2022 - Jake Airey
Rolls-Royce Pte Ltd, Singapore

Title : The evaluation of anti wear additives on micropitting propensity and tribofilm thickness


This study aims to evaluate the performance of several different lubricant formulations over the range of conditions seen within Rolls-Royce’s future concept gas turbine design called the UltraFan®. The design features a Power Gearbox (PGB) that allows optimisation of the speed of the fan system and the intermediate pressure (IP) turbine. The PGB presents a new tribological challenge for the lubricant as well the need to continue protecting other oil system components such as various bearing chambers and other gearboxes. Oils have been evaluated using a Micro-Pitting Rig (MPR) to explore how different types and concentrations of anti-wear additives in the lubricants formulation influence micropitting. Also, an MTM-SLIM (Mini Traction Machine with Spacer Layer IMaging) was used to measure the thickness and morphology of the tribofilm produced which will aid the understanding of how they influence micropitting.


What will audience learn from your presentation?

  • The fundamentals of tribology; the study of wear, friction and lubrication.
  • Share information about the formulation of aviation lubricants and their influence on transmission failure mechanisms.
  • Discuss a common failure mechanism in gears (micropitting) how certain components of a lubricants formulation influence this.
  • Information about a future Rolls-Royce engine in development; The UltraFan©.


Dr. Jake Airey studied Chemistry at the University of Sheffield and graduated with an MChem in 2014. He then did another postgraduate degree in Advanced Chemical Engineering at the University of Birmingham and graduated in 20156. He stayed on at the same institution undertaking an Engineering Doctorate (EngD); an industrially focused PhD conducting research into the Tribological Performance of Gas Turbine Lubricants sponsored by Rolls-Royce and published 1 article in the field. He graduated from this EngD in 2020. Prior to graduation, Jake became a Failure Investigator in Singapore at Rolls-Royce in 2019 and in 2021 became the Team leader for Failure Investigation.