4th Edition of International Conference on

Materials Science and Engineering

March 13-15, 2023 | Online Event

Materials 2022

Sanjib Bhattacharya

Speaker at Materials Science and Engineering 2022 - Sanjib Bhattacharya
University of North Bengal, India

Title : Title: Journey from ion transport to polaron hopping: glassy electrolytes to chalcogenides


In recent days, Li2O doped glass-nanocomposites and their crystalline counterparts have been developed. Out of various rechargeable batteries, lithium is supposed to be one of the most promising candidates not only for its role inelectric vehicles, mobile computers etc, but also for academic interest [1]. Some short-falls of conventional lithium-ion batteries [1]have been already identified due to highly flammable nature of organic liquid electrolytes or polymer electrolytes. This safety issue may lead the researchers to develop “solid electrolytes” as they exhibit high thermal stability, high energy density and better electrochemical stability [1]. Experimental research on chalcogenide glassy systems [2] also paid much attention because of their higher electrical conductivity at room temperature and large composition flexibility, which made them suitable candidates for rechargeable batteries. Transition metal ions doped chalcogenide glassy systems showed that the electrical conduction mechanism predominated by hoping of small polarons. To explore the conduction mechanism in chalcogenide semiconductors, the study of frequency dependent electrical conductivity is very much essential not only for practical applications but also for academic interest. A complete description on electrical transport phenomenon and dielectric relaxation of such glassy system is still pending till date because of lack of their micro-structural information and approximation in data analysis.


[1] A. Acharya, K. Bhattacharya, C. K. Ghosh, A. N. Biswas andSanjib Bhattacharya, Materials Science and Engineering: B 260 (2020) 114612

[2] A.Chamuah, K. Bhattacharya, M. S. Ali, C. K. Ghosh, D. Chattopadhyay and Sanjib Bhattacharya, Applied Physics A 127 (2021)1


The financial assistance for the work by the DST-CRG (Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India) via Sanction No. CRG/ 2018/ 000464 is thankfully acknowledged.