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8th Edition of

International Conference on Materials Science and Engineering

March 10-12, 2025 | Rome, Italy

Materials 2023

Marianna Rotilio

Speaker at Materials Science and Engineering 2023 - Marianna Rotilio
University of L'Aquila, Italy
Title : Smart and green panels for energy transition


Considering the European Union, the construction and built environment sector is responsible for 5-12% of total greenhouse gas emissions in connection with the extraction of materials and the manufacture of construction products. It has been estimated that more efficient materials could save 80% of CO2 emissions. Intervening to make buildings sustainable does not only mean insulating the envelopes or improving their performance, but also considering the embodied energy, by valorizing alternative materials, such as recycled materials. The study of the state of the art, highlighted that a very important aspect is to stimulate the construction sector to "open up" experimentally towards new materials and their alternative supply chains. For these considerations, For these considerations, a research project will be presented that is part of the field of studies that aims to bring technological innovation within the construction industry, through the use of secondary raw materials, according to the paradigms of the circular economy, and thanks to additive manufacturing. The aim of the project was to create a new product according to the Key Enabling Technology of 'advanced materials', intended for the thermal insulation of buildings. It is realized from waste, in particular from the industrial processing of paper and cardboard and embeds a series of wireless and battery-free sensors to monitor the environmental conditions and workers safety in the workspaces. This project leads to product and process innovation and is effective as a new strategy for the energy transition and for Industry 4.0.
Audience take away: 

  • The research developed succeeds in overcoming the critical issues related to additive manufacturing and the use of a specific type of waste. Therefore, it is considered to be of great impact as it is able to open up new hypotheses for the use and utilization of secondary raw materials. It also has a very high TRL and is therefore ready for technology transfer (it has resulted in three patents that are currently being examined).
  • The project has a high interest with a high economic impact and, from the market point of view, will create new business opportunities as it is able to address different target sectors. Specifically, the main target markets are recycling materials and energy efficiency, all of which are currently experiencing exponential growth, building materials companies, and automation.
  • The multifunctional panel aims to provide a concrete answer to the growing demand for building management and control, and therefore offers numerous development potentials in the collaboration between elements and products equipped with ICT sensors. One only has to think of the integration between such a panel and high-tech systems for data storage and management, such as BIM software for example, an integration that represents the future scenario for intelligent buildings.


Marianna Rotilio earned her Ph.D. in EU Building-Architectural Engineering in 2011 and currently working as senior researcher at the Department of Civil, Construction-Architecture, Environmental Engineering of the University of L'Aquila, Italy.  Her research has been focused on issues relating to building production and components, also in a multidisciplinary key; to technologies and processes for the reuse, re-manufacturing and recycling of products, components and materials and the definition of new materials and new technologies for safety. During her research career, she published over one hundred papers and participated in several conferences to present her research.