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8th Edition of

International Conference on Materials Science and Engineering

March 10-12, 2025 | Rome, Italy

Materials 2023

Ahmad Al Abdulqader

Speaker at Materials Science and Engineering 2023 - Ahmad Al Abdulqader
Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia
Title : Vessels conditional R&A


Saudi Aramco/ South Ghawar Producing Department (SGPD) has exerted substantial efforts toward executing a seldom project of replacing numbers of extraordinary vessels. These horizontal vessels were recommended for replacement due to major and excessive Step Wise Cracking, irregular blister and inclusions identified in several traps. These vessels are subject to Hydrogen Induced Cracking, known as HIC and this is mainly SGPD facilities constructed on old time where SAES( Saudi Aramco Engineering Standard) was not mandating to utilize HIC resistance material. During the previous year, a companywide survey started and, as a result, 27 out of 121 were identified with HIC damage. To overcome these challenges, SGPD developed a robust action plan, which consists of two parts:
•  Long Term Plan, which is replacing the impacted vessels with upgraded material or “HIC resistance material”
•  Short Term Plan to continue the safe and reliable operation of impacted vessels until the vessels are replaced by managing and monitoring HIC growth.
With the short and long-term action plans, SGPD controlled HIC concerns in the affected vessels.
But the department didn’t want to stop here and wanted to go the extra mile by adding a proactive measure rather than just reactive. Therefore, we partnered with R&DC to implement a proactive initiative at SGPD as the first department at Aramco called “Step-Wise Hydrogen Induced Cracking Toolkit,” which falls under IR.4.0.
Audience take away:

  •  This is to capitalize on Saudi Aramco/SGPD experience on how to handle such situation of having non-HIC resistance material and ensure continue delivering the production without any interruption.
  •  We will reference to Saudi ARAMCO approach and understand lessons learned and best practices to overcome such challenge to operate system impacted with HIC/SWC


Ahmad Al-Abdulqader, a professional Maintenance Engineer in Saudi Aramco, worked in multiple functions covering Engineering, Maintenance and Operations. Ahmad graduated from University of King Fhad Of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) majoring in Mechanical Engineering. During his career path, he has been appointed to lead multiple capital projects and turnarounds including vessel replacement projects.  Moreover, Ahmad acquired accredited local & international certifications Including certified Maintenance Reliability Professional (CMRP) accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).  Currently, Ahmad is leading Hawyiah Producing Division as Operations Supt. for South Ghawar Producing Department (SGPD).