HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Singapore or Virtually from your home or work.
Swati Sachin Mutha, Speaker at Pharmaceutics Conferences
Vishwakarma University, India
Title : Targeted Vesicular Drug Delivery Insight


Vesicles are the amphilic structure having aqueous core at the center. These vesicular drug delivery systems(VDDS)have found to be more valuable for controlled drug delivery, generally classified as Lipoidal biocarriers (e.g. Liposomes, ethosomes and transfersomes) and Non-lipoidal biocarriers (e.g. Niosomes, elastic niosomes and polymersomes) in which lipids and amphilic compounds other than lipids are used as main membrane forming components respectively. The 'liquid-state' vesicles (elastic) are more efficient in drug transport than 'gel-state' vesicles (rigid). The transfersomes, ethosomes and elastic noisomes are ultra- flexible carriers indicated for good skin permeation. Several studies have demonstrated that both processing and composition parameters are the key factors in deciding lamellar configuration, entrapment of the drug and stability aspect of dispersion system.

In the present talk like to cover the composition, application case studies ofof some of the novel targeted VDDS like pharmacosomes in ophthalmic treatment, Colloidosomes as polymeric microcapsules, Polymerasomes in migraine treatment, elastic niosomes in transdermal drug delivery, Herbasomes with better stability profile, Spingosomes as alternative to liposomes


I am Professor of Pharmaceutics at Vishwakarma University, have research and teaching experience of total over 16 years. Guided more than 25 M. Pharm. students for their research dissertations, my primary areas of research include conventional and novel drug delivery systems, industrial pharmacy, modified release formulations and acceptability study in patients.
Numerous research articles in various national and international reputed journals and publication houses, various oral and poster presentations in national and international conferences helped me build few niche skills in academic and technical research.
Received PCCA (USA) Best Poster Award in International Conference of EuPFI, 1st prize in International Conference by DPU (Pune, India) and Awarded in International conference by Nirma University are my recent achievements.
Additionally, I have received grants from SPPU & UGC, for my research work.I am presently seeking interdisciplinary partnerships for research in areas like Hospital Pharmacy, Pharmacy Informatics, Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmacy Automation and Industrial Pharmacy.
I would also like to share my academic achievements like ‘Maharashtra State Topper at D. Pharm. level’ and ‘Institutional Pharmaceutics Topper at M. Pharm. level’ in my introduction herewith.