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Saliha Koc Aslan, Speaker at Pharma Conferences
Acibadem Healthcare Group, Turkey
Title : Evaluation of medicine implementation: Nursing habits


Objective: This work aims to examine nurse's medicine implementation

Material and Method: This is a retrospective work. 10198 nurses who join the process of medicine implementation in a group hospital between the years of 2017-2020 generates. The number of nurses to be sampled from each of the hospitals was calculated as 395 using the stratified random sampling method. Observations are made every year in the institution to follow the drug administration habits of the nurses and to identify the issues that need improvement. The data of the research were obtained by examining these observation forms.

Results: In the research, the data of observation that 395 nurses were examined and the correct application rate of the nurses' observation criteria was found to be 88%. “Control of medicine interaction (52%)” was the title with the lowest, and the title with the highest demand for the medicine administered (99%). In the observations, it was determined that 78.7% of the nurses performed identity checks before administering the medicine, and as the professional experience of the nurses increased, the rate of identity verification increased.

Conclusion: In the study, it was seen that the most of nurses correctly applied the criteria determined regarding the medication administration process. It is necessary to increase the awareness of employees about the shortcomings in the medication administration process and to establish the right practices as a corporate culture. For this reason, it is worthwhile to continue periodic observations and plan the necessary training on the shortcomings in the process.

Audience Take Away Notes:

  • By examining the medicine administration of the nurses, it was noticed by the researcher that nurses who made the most mistakes.
  • Trainings related to the step where the mistake was made were planned
  • Awareness and application opportunities were created for this process to reach the expected standards by determining the step in which the most errors occur in the medicine administration process.
  • It was determined that the medicine administration attitudes of nurses should be followed
  • In the observations, it was determined that the identity verification rate increased as the professional experience of the nurses increased. In this sense, it was revealed that inexperienced nurses should be observed more in medicine administration


Nursing Director of Acıbadem Health Care Group Ms. Saliha Koç Aslan graduated from Hacettepe School of Nursing in 1990 and received her master's degree at Maltepe University. After joining Acıbadem Healthcare Group in 2000, she established the nursing services directorate. She presented nearly 18 hospital opening in her institution and guided thousands of nurses in their education and career journeys. She has also lectured at the collaborating university as a faculty member. Ms. Koç Aslan, who has many books and dozens of published researches, more than 70 posters exhibited at the congress, more than 30-panel speakers, and more than 50 international congress participants, still works as the Nursing Services Director of Acıbadem Healthcare Group