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Merita Kucuku, Speaker at Pharma Conferences
Freelance consultant, Albania
Title : Quality control of medicines and the role of quality control laboratory


The role of the laboratory is very important for the quality control of medicines, especially for imported medicines. People very often discuss for the efficacy of medicines and this answer can give from the laboratory. Quality control of medicines has an impact on public health and this request a very qualified staff, and equipment, and laboratory building according to the technical condition for analyzing medicines.


Merita Kucuku studied Master degree: “Chemical Analysis and Determination of the structure by Instrumental Analysis” and Master theses:” Validation and optimization of the determination method of merthiolate in the vaccine by spectrophotometer by means of Factorial Design “Studied Ph. D: “Study and chemical- analytical evaluation of some vaccines used in Albania”. More than 10 years of experience in the field of safety and efficacy and regulatory issues of vaccines, Head of National Regulatory Authority of Vaccines & Immunobiological Products in Albania, and experience as Head of Control Laboratory of medicines in the National Agency for Medicines & Medical Devices (NAMMD). Trained in international agencies and organizations for: Safety, efficacy, AEFI and quality control of vaccines, and GMP. Quality Control/ Quality assurance of laboratories (ISO 17025). Environmental issues as: Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Strategic Environmental, Assessment (SEA), “Strategies for chemicals management”, (Pharmaceutical waste management). Training for instrumental analysis as GC, GC- MS. Basic toxicology. National expert on the identification of populations at risk and gender dimensions under MIA project, UNDP. Expert in the project:” Strengthening of capacities for chemical management in Albania”, arranged from UNITAR.