Dental Conferences
David Gillam
Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom

Overall I think it went very well and the speakers were from a wide range of disciplines and countries so it was a great opportunity once again to share experiences and network with these colleagues across the globe.

Neurology Conferences
Ken Ware
Founder of Neurotricional Sciences and NeuroPhysics Therapy, Australia

It was indeed an honour to provide the opening keynote presentation for Neurology 2022. This distinguished conference was highly organised and ran smoothly. The large number of highly credible researchers and scientists from all over the world who presented over the two days of the conference provided a lot of diverse and innovative research and findings that I found highly stimulating and felt very honoured to have been one of the presenters for this outstanding conference. I found it a pleasure to work with the organisers for this event and I will certainly look forward to presenting at this event in 2023.

Pharmaceutics Conference
Zinnet Sevval Aksoyalp
Izmir Katip Celebi University, Turkey

Thank you ! A great opportunity to present at this pleasant congress.

Pharmaceutics Conference
Ravi P. Sahu
Wright State University, United States

It was a great pleasure participating in this conference.

Pharmaceutics Conference
Danuta Drozdowska
Medical University of Bialystok, Poland

I want to thank you sincerely for all the help and kindness I received both before and during the conference.
I wish you good luck in your work and future conferences.

Pharmaceutics Conference
Andreia Freitas
INIAV and REQUIMTE, Portugal

Thanks for the organization of the event.

Pharmaceutics Conference
Ali Yetgin
Cukurova University, Turkey

Thank you for inviting me as a speaker to this great conference. It was a very nice event.Thank you for inviting me as a speaker to this great conference. It was a very nice event.

Pharmaceutics Conference
Bartolome Ribas Ozonas
Royal National Academy of Pharmacy, Spain

Many thanks to the organizing committee for the invitation and hard work, to adscribe such many young scientist from many countries. Also the excellent dedication from the team helping with great generosity in all the necessary things to develop a high level and interesting meeting.

Tissue Engineering Conferences
Albert Ivanovich Krashenyuk
Academy of Hirudotherapy, Russian Federation

I would like to congratulate you and your team on the excellent organization of the Congress. I wish you even greater success.

Cancer Conferences
Emanuele Calabro
University and Research (MIUR), Italy

I am happy that the Organizing Committee has given me the opportunity to make known my studies which have stimulated the curiosity of other researchers to possibly undertake some inherent project.

Gynecology Conferences
Rehab S Mamoon
South Valley University, Egypt

Thank you for organizing such a wonderful event. I had a great time at Gynec 2023. I appreciate the opportunity to participate in the event and contribute to its success.

Nursing  Science Conferences
Nina Beaman
Aspen University, United States

This conference was excellent! I particularly liked the diversity of ideas and the representation from so many different countries! It provided a glimpse at current themes of research and opportunities to network with colleagues who share the same interests.

Nursing  Science Conferences
Robin Adams Geiger
Ingenovis Health, United States

I really enjoyed presenting as Keynote and had a great time in London! Thank you for your thought leadership and work on this conference!

Nursing  Science Conferences
Nataliya Petrova
I.P.Pavlov 1-st Saint Petersburg State Medical University, Russian Federation

"Thank you very much for the opportunity to join the conference virtually. There were very interesting and useful for further work presentations . I am pleased with the wide geography of participants. It was very kind atmosphera. I apologize and regret that there was an incoherent failure and I could not report the results on air, but I am glad that they are presented in the abstract. Thanks again for beautiful organisation, your understanding and kind words. In our difficult times, this is very important. Many important topics were presented at the conference: the problems of public health and the ways for it’s improvement, the provision of nursing care, the issues related to the training of nursing staff and the protection of their physical and mental health. The speakers presented evidence-based data on the aspects under consideration and convincingly proved the need for nursing research for self-development and the development of nursing in general. The conference was organized at a high professional level.
Best wishes for health and continued success!"

Nursing  Science Conferences
Maria Isabel Pedreira De Freitas
University of Campinas, Brazil

"We too have managed to extend the boundaries of our knowledge beyond geographical borders. I found the platform informative. I spent the whole afternoon at the conference and I was able to find out what is being studied in nursing abroad in this part of the conference. I have accessed the certificate of participation and summary available online. Thank you again. In my opinion, it was an excellent time to share all the information and ideas we needed to be able to be with you at the congress.  The virtual participation was perfect! We tried our best to make the event as enjoyable as possible...  You got!   There is nothing to forgive!. It was a pleasure to know you all!
In my opinion, it was an excellent time to share all the information and ideas we needed to be able to be with you at the congress.  The virtual participation was perfect!""We tried our best to make the event as enjoyable as possible...""  You got! There is nothing to forgive!. It was a pleasure to know you all!"

Neurology Conferences
Alex Goraltchouk
Remedium Bio, Inc, United States

The conference was well organized and the presentations are quite insightful!

Nursing  Science Conferences
Ammari Nada
Hassan First University of Settat, Morocco

I am looking forward to the opportunity of participating in future conferences organized by your esteemed committee. I would like to begin by extending my heartfelt congratulations to you on organizing a truly successful and immensely enriching conference.

Cancer Conferences
John M York
University of California, United States

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this Great conference. Enjoyed all the presentations.

Nursing  Science Conferences
Jing-Yi, Lin
National Taiwan University Cancer Center, Taiwan

It is a great honor to participate in this interesting and practical nursing conference.

Nursing  Science Conferences
Patricia Conley
Research Medical Center, United States

The conference was well organized and presented a dynamic mixture of topics from researchers all over the globe! Everyone was respectful and kind. I was honored to have been a part of this event. So much was learned in our quest to improve health care on all levels.

Nursing  Science Conferences
Diane Yeo
Diane Yeo Mindfulness, Canada

"The Nursing Conference 2023 was an incredible event filled with interesting topics and speakers. I am very grateful to have been one of the speakers this year. Thank you! Thank you for asking me to be a part of your incredible conference. I felt so grateful to be able to connect with everyone online."

Nursing  Science Conferences
Paraskevi Theofilou
SCG Lab of Experimental and Applied Psychology, Hellenic Open University, Greece

It was a very well organized conference which gave me the opportunity to share my research work. Great experience!

Nursing  Science Conferences
Sepideh Naseri
Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust, United Kingdom

This conference was a great experience for me and I enjoyed it.

Nursing  Science Conferences
Sofica Bistriceanu
Academic Medical Unit – CMI, Romania

The scientific program offered valuable information on clinical practice and comparative data on practicing medicine worldwide. It is better to organize this program two times a year, no longer than two days each. It was too much information comprised in three days.

Nursing  Science Conferences
Asli Eker
Mersin University, Turkey

You are a professional team. It was a nice congress as a result of your disciplined and self-sacrificing work. I am honored to be among you. It has been an educational experience for me.  I enjoyed it very much.  I'm honored. I really liked the convention. The topics were interesting and instructive. Your team is professional and disciplined. Everything was perfect. I am very happy that you gave me the opportunity to present at your esteemed congress. I told all my academic friends here about the serious, disciplined and devoted work of your organization. Thank you very much for always returning and supporting my questions.

Nursing  Science Conferences
Jamie Rausch
Indiana University Fort Wayne, United States

I thoroughly enjoyed Nursing Science 2023! Speakers offered innovative and interesting topics regarding all areas of nursing in which they had implicit content knowledge. Thank you very much for this opportunity. This conference allowed networking with people from all over the world. I will definitely attend again!

Nursing  Science Conferences
Bimitha Cyriac
Samaritan College of Nursing, India

"It was such a wonderful experience to be as a presenter and moderator in the conference. Goodmorning Mam.... It was really a nice experience for me as a speaker and a moderator role in conference. It will be appreciable if you select best speaker and best topic. These awards of honor will add our professional excellence... Hoping for the best.... It will help to get more points in our professional life. Thank you. 
I appreciate all of you for taking effort to make the program a successful one. The program  was an amalgam of knowledge and experience. I hope to participate in such programmes in future. "

Nursing  Science Conferences
B Vishnu Bhat
Aarupadai Veedu Medical College and Hospital, India

It was a well conducted program. I enjoyed delivering the online talk and I am happy to learn that the participants also liked the talk. It was a nice experience to deliver the talk to enthusiastic participants.

Nursing  Science Conferences
Atul Sharma
All India Institute of Medical Sciences, India

I want to express my sincere appreciation for your advance planning, which made the conference such a success. Thank you very much for organizing this interesting and useful event. I am interested to be connected globally with your forum in future.  It was a very good and interesting conference indeed!

Nursing  Science Conferences
Prabha Grace
Carmel College of Nursing, India

I was very happy to present my thesis at this International event - Nursing Science 2023. It was a great experience to listen to the various presenters.

Traditional Medicine Conferences
Zhenhuan LIU
University of Chinese Medicine, China

Congratulations on the success of the Fifth International Congress on Traditional Medicine. You ran a great meeting. You're an excellent moderator of a medical conference. Because of your excellent organization ability, you have the world's top experts to give wonderful lectures in the virtual venue also.

Traditional Medicine Conferences
Mohammad Kamil
Lotus Holistic Health Institute, United Arab Emirates

wonderful ,appreciate your efforts ,congratulations ,you deserve more& more  appreciation.

Traditional Medicine Conferences
Hideko Pelzer
Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College, United States

Thank you very much for the presentation video and the opportunity to speak in front of prominent doctors all over the world. It was very special to me.

Traditional Medicine Conferences
Yamuna U
Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana, India

Conference was very well organized. Thanks for providing me this opportunity. 

Traditional Medicine Conferences
Agzamova Manzura
S.Yu.Yunusov Academy of Sciences, Uzbekistan

Thank you for the trust and good organization of the conference. There were very interesting presentations and conference was held at a high level.

Traditional Medicine Conferences
Ulviye Bunyatova
Baskent University, Turkey

Thank you so much for organizing that wonderful conference in Japan.

Traditional Medicine Conferences
Hicran Usan
Yuksek Ihtisas University, Turkey

Thanks a lot for inviting me to the conference in Japan. It was a nice experience for me.

Traditional Medicine Conferences
Amrita Sharma
GRDU, India

It was a great event and good opportunity at the conference.  Thanks for giving me an opportunity to moderate the conference.

Cardiology Conferences
Yasser Mohammed Hassanain Elsayed
Egyptian Ministry of Health (MOH), Egypt

Thank you so much for giving me a chance to be a speaker at the Cardio 2023 event in Valencia, Spain.

Gynecology Conferences
Adaeze Ijechi Ohanaka
South Qunfudhah General Hospital, Saudi Arabia

Thank you for the conference. It was very informative and impactful.

Gynecology Conferences
Ziad Fersan
Saint Joseph University in Beirut Lebanon, Lebanon

I just wanted to thank you guys for the great organization of the conference. The topics were very interesting.

Hematology Conferences
Marina Nagervadze
Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University, Georgia

I will be very glad to take part in your conference again. It was well organized and interesting event.

Hematology Conferences
Vani Rajashekaraiah
JAIN (Deemed-to-be University), India

The conference is very well planned and sessions were insightful and enriching. Looking forward to such conferences.

Hematology Conferences
Ritu Sharma
Government Medical College, India

The event was well organised and the talks were great. I am honoured to be a part of such an informative conference. Also, I got an opportunity to moderate the sessions which gave me more chance to interact with the speakers.

Gynecology Conferences
Natalya Alekseevna Kolpakova
Belgorod State University, Russian Federation

I am very grateful for the special invitation to the conference! The organization of the conference was at a high level! All the reports carried a lot of interesting information in an accessible language!

Gynecology Conferences
Milena Živković
University of Kragujevac, Serbia

It was an absolute honor to be a speaker at this conference. I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the organizers for putting together such a well-planned and very engaging event. The experience was truly inspiring. I look forward to future opportunities to collaborate and contribute.

Gynecology Conferences
Ola Alali
Belgorod State University, Russian Federation

It was a great conference with good organization and management. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to participate.

I am very interested in attending next year event.

Neurology Conferences
Ali Riza Gunes
Alexius/Josef Hospital Neuss, Germany

It was a pleasure and honor for me to participate at your conference and speak in front of international audience.

Neonatology Conferences
W.A.S. Saroja Weerakoon
University of Colombo, Sri Lanka

I express my heartfelt gratitude for your outstanding efforts in organizing the conference. The selection of speakers and the depth of discussions were commendable. It was evident that the dedication of the organizing team towards enriching the experience for all attendees.

Neonatology Conferences
Veronica Deysi Genoveva Colombo

It was a big honor for us to participate in your so prestigious Congress EPN 2023 in London.

Neonatology Conferences
Renee J Dufault
Food Ingredient and Health Research Institute, United States

I very much enjoyed attending the EPN 2023 in the UK.

Catalysis Conference
Fouad El Mansouri
Abdelmalek Essaadi University, Morocco

I really appreciate the opportunity to attend the conference. It was a great success.

Catalysis Conference
Dr. Rohit Kumar
Indian Institute of Technology (Banaras Hindu University), India

The Japan conference was excellent in terms of meeting people in my research area, exploring a few new research areas and doing moderation for the first time in my life.

Heart Congress Conferences
Joao Rafael Rocha Da Silva
Connect Life Rehabilitation And Performance, Brazil

The congress was a very interesting experience and being able to present my work to several researchers from different countries was very important and rewarding.

Cancer Conferences
Qiang Wen
Zhejiang Cancer Hospital, China

Thank you so much, the conference was very impressive and I would be glad to attend it next time in October.

Cancer Conferences
Sonal Manohar
NMIMS University, India

It was indeed a great pleasure to attend and present at the ICC 2023 conference. The entire event was indeed very well organized and informative. The communication and response to emails/queries were also very prompt and smooth. Entire team deserves an applaud. Best wishes for the upcoming events. 

Cancer Conferences
Dhanapal Sakthisekaran
University of Madras, India

The conference ICC 2023 was a great success. It was organized very well. I will take part in the next conference also.

Cancer Conferences
Neelaiah Siddaraju
Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research (JIPMER), India

It was a pleasant experience for me to participate in the ICC 2023. Indeed it was very well-organized conference.

Cancer Conferences
Kazuho Saiga
Aichi medical University, Japan

I am honored to have my presentation at the 6th Edition of the International Cancer Conference (ICC-2023). I was pleased to have the opportunity to explain my paper's content publicly for the first time.  Your support made the conference a very enjoyable experience.

Cancer Conferences
Can Küçük
"Dokuz Eylül University and İzmir Biomedicine and Genome Center", Türkiye

The management of the ICC 2023 conference was very good and successful from beginning to end. It was highly informative, with a variety of significant topics.

Cancer Conferences
Lian Ulrich
Copenhagen University Hospital Rigshospitalet, Denmark

Thank you so much for a nice meeting and stay in Windsor. Also I want to thank for a nice correspondence at the meeting.

Cancer Conferences
Eleni Petsalaki
University of Crete, Greece

The conference was very well organized! The presentations were very interesting! I will be more than happy to present my research again at your next conference.

Cancer Conferences
Hong Tao Li
University of Southern California, United States

This meeting was well organized. I really enjoyed the communications with so many experts during the meeting.

Cancer Conferences
Shoib Sarwar Siddiqui
University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Attending this conference and moderating/chairing sessions was a great experience. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks.

Cancer Conferences
Yan Leyfman
Icahn School of Medicine, United States

The scientific excellence of the conference, coupled with its engaging sessions, reflected the dedication of the organizers in orchestrating a truly enlightening event. I am immensely thankful for this opportunity and eagerly anticipate the ongoing collaboration in our collective efforts to address these crucial health challenges.

Plant Science Conferences
Mohammad Babadoost
University of Illinois, USA

It was well attended with very timely presentation. Once again, this was one of the best organized international conferences I have ever had.

Ethnomedicine Conferences
Samir C. Debnath
St. John’s Research and Development Centre, Canada

The conference is very good and scientists from many countries attended. We all enjoyed the conference very much.

Materials Science Conferences
Yong Teng
Emory University, United States

Thank you. It was a successful international conference.

Materials Science Conferences
Vladislav Bogdanov
Progressive Research Solutions, Australia

I appreciate that you and your colleagues have given me ability to take part in so authoritative scientific forum.

Pharmaceutics Conferences
Manuela Labbozzetta
University of Palermo, Italy

It was a real pleasure to attend the conference.It was a real pleasure to attend the conference.

Pharmaceutics Conference
Metro College of Health Sciences and Research, India

The event was of great success and I am thankful for the opportunity you gave me.

Pharmaceutics Conference
Miroslav Radenkovic
University of Belgrade, Serbia

You did an excellent job and I am certain that all participants would share my opinion, too!

Pharmaceutics Conference
Luis Jesus Villarreal Gomez
Autonomous University of Baja California, Mexico

I enjoyed the event a lot!

Chemistry Conference
N.I. Belotserkovets
N.I. Belotserkovets, Tver State University, Russian Federation

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the Chemistry 2023 event.

Chemistry Conference
Theodosios Geo Douvropoulos
Hellenic Naval Academy, Greece

Thank you very much for the opportunity you gave me for participating to this very interesting conference.

Chemistry Conference
Giacomo Cao
University of Cagliari, Italy

Thank you very much for the excellent conference we attended.

Biotechnology Conferences
Annie Frelet Barrand
FEMTO-ST Institute, France

Thanks a lot for this nice and very interesting conference and for giving me the opportunity to be moderator on the first day.

Biotechnology Conferences
Dauddin Daudi
ITMO, Russian Federation

It is interesting to participate in the conference.

Biotechnology Conferences
Fabian Echeverria
Instituto Tecnologico de Costa Rica, Costa Rica

I enjoyed the event ECBB 2023.

Biotechnology Conferences
Sebnem Kavakli Yildiz
Ege University, Turkey

It was a nice conference. Thank you so much.

Biotechnology Conferences
Anna Zwafing
Roche Diagnostics GmbH, Germany

Thank you very much for the really interesting conference.

Biotechnology Conferences
Touria Bounnit
Qatar University, Qatar

Congratulations for the success of the conference, the talks were very diverse and fruitful.

Biotechnology Conferences
R P Singh
Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India

Congratulations for organizing this wonderful conference. It was a big success. I enjoyed attending this.

Chemistry Conferences
Osman Adiguzel
Firat University, Elazig, Turkey

Keynote Talks and Oral presentations were very informative. Also, the conference has been very beneficial with the new and fresh knowledge, and I enjoyed very much. I am sure this important conference has been beneficial for the scholars and participants, especially for the young scholars and researchers. Congratulations to the Committee on their great efforts and great consideration.

Materials Science Conferences
 Andreu Martinez Hernandez 
University General Hospital of Castellon, Spain

Thank you for the amazing event.

Materials Science Conferences
Thangavel Ponrasu
Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India

Thank you for your wonderful support to participate in this conference.

Materials Science Conferences
Samy Abdelhakim Abdelhamid Elsayed
Beni Suef University, Egypt

I want to express my deep thanks for your cooperation, support and your effort for me and other participants of the conference Materials 2023.

Materials Science Conferences
Tiwari Sangeeta
Amity University Noida, India

It was a great experience attending the conference. I surely would like to attend any future events.

Materials Science Conferences
S. Thirugnanasambandam
Annamalai University, India

Thank you very much for giving me an opportunity to participate in the Materials 2023 Conference. Nice experience!

Materials Science Conferences
Marianna Rotilio
University of L Aquila, Italy

Thank you for the good experience in the Materials Conference

Materials Science Conferences
Patil Devidas Ramrao
Rani Laxmibai Mahavidyalaya, India

I would like to congratulate whole team for a very prestigious mega event and for the grand success through well planning. Every thing was well organized and well planned.

Materials Science Conferences
Keerthiprasad K S
Vidya Vikas Institute of Engineering & Technology, India

Thank you for arranging such a wonderful conference MAT 2023 and it was a nice experience. 

Materials Science Conferences
Aissat Sahraoui
Ibn Khaldoun University, Algeria

Congratulations on the fifth edition of MAT 2023. I wish you great success for the next conference.

Materials Science Conferences
Ioannis Dimos,
University of Thessaly, Greece

I would like to congratulate you on the successful conference organization! Well done!

Materials Science Conferences
Edith Johanna Diaz Canas
Industrial University of Santander, Colombia

I wanted to take a moment to extend my heartfelt gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the MAT 2023 as a speaker. The entire experience was enriching, and I am grateful for the support extended to me during the event.

Nanotechnology Conferences
Laura Elena Muresan
Babes-Bolyai University, Romania

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in this event.

Nanotechnology Conferences
Sara Assi
American University of Beirut, Lebanon

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the great conference.

Nanotechnology Conferences
Shubhangi shukla
NCSU, United States

It was my pleasure to be part of the conference.

Nanotechnology Conferences
Christine Broadbridge
Southern Connecticut State University, United States

Thanks for a great conference.

Nanotechnology Conferences
Thierry Meyer
EPFL, Switzerland

It was a great pleasure to participate in this congress. I hope we can meet again in the future editions.

Nanotechnology Conferences
Sharda Sundaram Sanjay
Ewing Christian College, India

Congratulations. The Conference was a nice one, without any technical faults.

Nanotechnology Conferences
Oliwia Metryka
University of Silesia, Poland

I want to thank the organisational board for allowing me to participate in such a prestigious and high-quality conference. It was a spectacular event that brought scientists from all over the world to share their innovative research in the field of nanotechnological sciences.

Nursing Science Conference
Joanne Anthony
Singapore General Hospital, Singapore

Firstly, thank you to the organizing team for bringing together speakers for the insightful and valuable learning points during the conference.

Nursing Conferences
Shama Benazir Binte Mohamed Noor
Sengkang General Hospital, Singapore

Thank you, overall the conference was well planned and the logistics and admin were much responsive for virtual participants.

Nursing Science Conference
Chih Wen Chen
National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences, Taiwan

The conference was informative, learned a lot from this conference.

Nursing Conferences
Selvia Arokiya Mary Amalanathan
Bisha University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Thank you for organising such excellent conference. I am happy to share in future also.

Nursing Science Conference
Waruntorn Jongrungrotsakul
Chiang Mai University, Thailand

I would love to join conference next year.  Thank you so much for any help.

Nursing Science Conference
Pushpa Gole
Tata Memorial Hospital, India

Thank you for inviting us for nicely arranged Nursing Conference at Singapore, We appreciate your efforts and hospitality, We learned a lot from you, Wish you all the best to you and your team.

Nursing Science Conferences
Eta Nee Enow Vivian Ayamba
University of Buea, Cameroon

The conference was well organised; however, need to improve on sound quality next time.

Nursing Science Conference
Malliga Jambulingam
Morgan State University, United States

Thank you so much for the opportunity to present my research results. It was a well organized program, Learned a lot.

Nursing Conferences
Hajjah Norziah Sarudin
Open University Malaysia, Malaysia

Its a great conference, and I will join physically next year.

Nursing Science Conference
Gulbu Tanriverdi
Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Turkey

I thank the organizing committee very much. It was a congress that I benefited greatly. The content and process were really successful. I would be happy to take part in the congress again. 

Nursing Conferences
Nagato Katsura
Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine, Japan

I thank you so much for having been invited me to such a excellent conference in beautiful city, Singapore. I also appreciate every staff to keep meeting well.

Nursing Science Conference
Jessica Hughes
Western Health, Australia

I thoroughly enjoyed attending the conference and it was a pleasure to be a moderator. Thank you for the opportunity. I will gladly moderate again at the 2024 conference.

Cancer Conferences
Michael Thompson
University of Toronto, Canada

I would like to express my appreciation for my invite to be involved in the London Cancer Conference! The meeting was beautifully organized and very professional.  My partner was very appreciative of the opportunity and also to attend the dinner and lunch, which were outstanding! Thank you again and all the best.

Traditional Medicine Conferences 2019
Cornelia Butler Flora
Kansas State University, USA

I found the conference well-organized with a good diversity of papers and posters from around the world. An excellent opportunity to learn!

Cancer Conferences
Sherri J. Tenpenny
Tenpenny Integrative Medical Center, USA

It was a pleasure to meet interesting researchers from around the world.

Nursing Conferences
Rose E. Constantino
University of Pittsburgh, USA

The 2016 went very well and hope to see more attendees next year in Las Vegas, USA. Food was great, nutritious and abundant including the pre-conference dinner. Thanks for the invite. Official and unofficial cameras were plenty.

Food Science Conferences
Brian Marsh
University of California Cooperative, USA

It's been a wonderful opportunity to interact with a lot of different people from a very different discipline. It's a great place to come too and be a part of FAT 2019

Dental Conferences
Steven J Traub
American Institute of Oral Biology, USA

Many thanks! I had a good time and the international cast of speakers was particularly nice.

Alzheimers Disease Conferences
Stefan Milanov Ivanov
Redesign Science, USA

“Thank you for the certificate and for organizing such a lovely conference.”

Ethnomedicine Conferences
Joe E. Springer
University of Kentucky, USA

I had a wonderful time at the PDDS 2018 conference, and may have made some new friends/collaborators as well!

Neurological Disorders Conferences
Torbjorn Backstrom
Umea Neurosteroid Research Center, Sweden

Thank you for organizing the meeting. Everything went smoothly for me.

Nursing Conferences
Patricia A. Seabrooks
Miami Regional University, USA

The London conference was great. I enjoyed being a part of the great event.

Pediatrics and neonatology conferences
Karen Smith
Children’s National Health System, USA

It was great to meet a people from the different countries. Had a great time and learned a lot.

Nursing Conferences
Renee Bauer
Indiana State University, USA

It was an excellent conference and I am  honored to have been a part of it. One of the best I have been to.

Nursing Conferences
Dennis L. Hargis
State College of Florida, Bradenton, USA

I thoroughly enjoyed the conference and am looking to forward those in the future.

Nanotechnology Conferences
Dionysios (Dion) D. Dionysiou
University of Cincinnati, USA

The conference was great and attendance was good until the last presentation. I learned some new areas from them. The organization was great.

Material Science Conferences
M. Teresa Carvajal
Purdue University, USA

I think all of them have been high quality talks. There is an opportunity to interact with people personally and to establish and expand collaborations and get to know each other. So it is an excellent setup and I will encourage to keep doing these.

Cancer Conferences
Atif A. Ahmed
Children's Mercy Hospitals and Clinics, USA

I have enjoyed listening and interacting with the other speakers. This conference has a lot of potential.

Medicine Conferences
Ameen I Ramzy
Legacy Emanuel Medical Center, USA

The conference has finished. I am glad I attended it. The organisers did a very nice job

Neurology Conferences
Gladstone C McDowell
Integrated Pain solutions, USA

INBC is a Spectacular conference, interaction between speakers has been very enlightening for me I will attend the future conferences.

Nursing Conferences
Londia L. Goff
West Virginia University Hospitals, USA

The conference was organized very well.I very much appreciated the fact that speakers were kept on time.I enjoyed the sessions.

Nursing Conferences
Natalia Cineas
Mount Sinai St. Luke’s, USA

Thank you!! I really enjoyed presenting and it looks like my presentation impacted people- thank you for a great time-slot

Nursing Conferences
Naomi Saucedo Tanouye
Kaiser Hospital, USA

This was very informative and educational conference, I enjoyed it very much.

Personalized Medicine Conferences
Xu Chen
Harvard University, USA

I had fun in the meeting. So nice to get to see so many different topics from all over the world

Nursing Conferences
Emily Cannon
Indiana State University, USA

Thank you so much! We really enjoyed your conference!

Addiction Medicine Conferences
Scott Giacomucci
Phoenix Center for Experiential Trauma Therapy, USA

Thank you for helping to organize a great conference – it was an honor to be there.

Nursing Conferences
Angela Cruz
West Texas Veteran Affairs Healthcare System, USA

It was a good conference. I am most definitely looking forward to the next conference in Florida!

Pediatrics and neonatology conferences
Ronald L. Thomas
Wayne State University School of Medicine, USA

Great time. Appreciate all your superior efforts, wonderful conference.

Cancer Conferences
Jianhua Luo
University of Pittsburgh, USA

The conference was very success and congratulations to organization for hosting such a interesting conference and also bringing different types of people, leaders and rising stars and well promising.

Nursing Conferences
Mary Nielsen
Missoula College University of Montana, USA

The conference was simple fantastic.The topics, speakers, and especially the sharing with nurses and healthcare workers from around the world.

Neurology Conferences
P. Hemachandra Reddy
Texas Tech University Health Sciences, USA

It is a great pleasure and honor to attend INBC, the event has a good collection of top researchers around the globe.

Personalized Medicine Conferences
Wei Wu

It was an interesting conference, I am enjoying it.

Traditional Medicine Conferences 2019
Gerald H Tomkin
Beacon Hospital and Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Many thanks. I certainly enjoyed the conference. Being in Rome is a special occasion and in wonderful weather. Again many thanks for the invitation.

Stem Cells Conference
Alexander M. Seifalian
BioScience Innovation Centre, United Kingdom

Excellent conference with high profile speakers. The talks were very interactive and I have built collaboration through conferences

Personalized Medicine Conferences
Huiqin Yang
ICON Clinical Research Ltd, United Kingdom

I really enjoyed the conference and a big thanks to you all!

Nanotechnology Conferences
El Hassane Larhrib
University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom

It was an excellent conference and wonderful experience.

Addiction Medicine Conferences
Jonathan Chick
Consultant Psychiatrist and Medical Director, Castle Craig Hospital, United Kingdom

I enjoyed the London meeting in August and others too valued it.

Neurology Conferences
Pankaj Sharma
University of London, United Kingdom

One of the most interesting conference, having a huge number of presenters.

Traditional Medicine Conferences 2019
Anne-Maria Olphert
Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation Trust, United Kingdom

I did enjoy meeting so many people from different countries with great ideas

Dental Conferences
Mohamed Elamin
NHS, United Kingdom

Thanks for the much of the amazing organisation and for your kind invitation. It was really useful and organised perfectly well. Hope to join you next time.

Nursing Conferences
Vedrana Vejzovic
Malmo University, Sweden

I was pleased to be in Dubai to present my research and I appreciate being invited to the Nursing World Conference 2016. The atmosphere was permissive and friendly. It will be my pleaser to continue to be engaged with the NWC 2017.

Alzheimers Disease Conferences
Subramanian Boopathi
Universidad Nacional Autónoma De México, Mexico

“First of all, I give you millions of thanks for rendering me an opportunity to disseminate my scientific knowledge to the world's renounced scientific community. Keynote speakers and oral talks were amazing my socks off, and I learned a lot from those talks. There is no doubt that congress seeded new ideas to carry out new research and enriched research knowledge.The organizer committee did an excellent job of accomplishing the congress.”

Alzheimers Conferences
Irina I. Stoyanova
Medical University Of Varna, Bulgaria

“I would like to acknowledge the efforts of your entire group toorganize this memorable scientific event. I enjoyed the conference very much and would like to thank you for inviting me and giving me the opportunity to meet so many eminent researchers in the field of Dementia. Wishing you great success in your future work!”

Dental Conferences
Peter Reinhard Pospiech
Charite University, Germany

I was surprised on the variety of topics and I think especially for the dentist in private practice it was a great overview on the whole field of dentistry.

Plant Science Conference
Sergey.A. Kornatskiy
Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University), Russia

I want to thank for the tremendous work on the organization of the forum and the success of the event. Impressions are the most positive. I hope for further meetings and wish you all good luck.

Ethnomedicine Conferences
Edith Guba
Dao Yuan Schule für Qigong, Germany

Thank you! The congress was well organised and I liked it a lot, with its different topics and participants. You really put a lot of effort into it and it worked out!

Material Science Conferences
Ernst Wagner
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munich, Germany

Many, many thanks to you for the invitation and the hospitality by your group, it was a real success - I am convinced that PDDS 2018 in Rome will be exciting again.

Brain Conferences
Andreas Till
University of Bonn, Germany

THX again for organization of the Virtual Neurology Conference! 

Food Science Conferences
Sebastian Demtroeder
University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven, Germany

Diversified topics have been discussed at FAT. It's very interesting to go around and have a look at what is going on around the world. It's quite interesting.

Traditional Medicine Conferences
Nicole Hess
University of New England, Australia

It was a very fascinating conference and had a wonderful experience to share about research with professionals in the field 

Catalysis and chemistry conferences
Stanislaw Dzwigaj
Sorbonne Universités, France

I appreciate the conferences organized by Magnus Groups so this is reason why I participate in all previous editions of Catalysis and Chemical Science in Las Vegas, 2017, Rome 2018 and Singapore 2019.

Chemistry Conferences
Giang Vo-Thanh
Institute of Molecular Chemistry and Materials in Orsay, France

I spent a good time at the conference and also wonderful short stay in Tokyo. I think the conference was quite well organized.

Catalysis and chemistry conferences
Quang Nguyen Tran
École Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Montpellier, France

Thank you for organizing the last conference in Singapore, it was memorable event for me. I will consider the next one in USA also.

Dental Conferences
Nagore Arroyo Lamas
University of the Basque Country, Spain

I refer you to congratulate for the congress you organized.The event was really well organized. Not only the presentations, but also the posters were very interesting.

Neurology Conferences
Rocio Fernandez Serra
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain

I would like to congratulate you and your mates for the good job that all of you did to schedule all the presentations. I felt that all the presentations were very interesting and of high quality. I hope that me or researchers from my team will be able to participate in future editions.

Dental Conferences
Camila Paiva Perin
University Tuiuti do Parana, Brazil

The conference was great full. Of course I would like to participate as a speaker in London!

Cancer Conferences
Rossana Berardi
Universita Politecnica delle Marche, Italy

The congress was very interesting with multidisciplinary view with several colleagues presented.

Pediatrics and neonatology conferences
Paula Quigley
DAI Global Health, Italy/ Ethiopia

It was different experience and learned more about things from different countries.

Traditional Medicine Conferences
Monica Ruffini Castiglione
University of Pisa, Italy

It is a very challenging and well organized meeting, good to have attendees from all over the world. 

Chemistry Conferences
Tetyana Vdovenkova
T.V.A, Canada

Thank you very much for the conference. In my opinion, this conference was well organized.

Tissue Engineering Conference
Mohan Malleshaiah
Montreal Clinical Research Institute, Canada

I enjoyed the TERMC meeting, Thank you for all your help in assisting me participate in the conference. Appreciate it.

Dental Conferences
Stefanik Simard Lebel
Universite de Montreal, Canada

Thank you very much, it was a great experience and the conferences were very educative and interesting.

Addiction Medicine Conferences
Anna Gagat Matula
Pedagogical University of Cracow, Poland

The conference was great ! I am very happy that I participated in it.

Plant Science Conferences
Oksana Lastochkina
Bashkir Research Institute of Agriculture, Russia

Thank you very much for such a wonderful Congress! I was very glad to spend these wonderful days with you. I hope to see you soon.

Ethnomedicine Conferences
Natassa Pippa
University of Athens, Greece

Firstly, I would like to congratulate Magnus group about the amazing conference. I am planning to participate again in the next one in Paris.

Tissue Engineering Conferences
Panagiotis Mallis
Biomedical Research Foundation Academy of Athens, Greece

Congratulations for the conference!! It was very nice.

Regenerative Medicine Conferences
Shrikant L. Kulkarni 
Kulkarni Clinic, India

The conference was quite interesting and topics for discussion was good. It was nicely organised.

Regenerative Medicine Conferences
Pratap Devarapalli
University of Tasmania, Australia

The conference was very informative and insightful. It is an excellent platform to learn about the recent advancements in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

Tissue Engineering Conference
Ruben Pereira
University of Porto, Portugal

Congrats for putting together this great scientific event ,I am delighted to be part of TERMC2023.

Neonatology Conferences
Paolo Gene A Becina
Philippine Pediatric Society, Philippines

Thank you very much for the consideration and opportunity to be a part of your distinguished gathering of the minds in the name of Pediatrics and Neonatology. I look forward to being a part of your institution's future endeavours if and when the opportunity arises

Neonatology Conferences
Lileth D C Lobederio
St. Luke’s Medical Center- Quezon City, Philippines

Thank you for the opportunity to share my research. It was a very fruitful conference

Neurology Conferences
Svyatoslav Medvedev
N.P.Bechtereva Institute of the Human Brain of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Federation

Its my second time to attend INBC, it is very interesting.

Neurological Disorders Conferences
Natalia Surina
Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russian Federation

I really enjoyed the reports and very interesting and fruitful communication with the participants! I would like to point out that the whole organisation of the conference was at senior level.

Ethnomedicine Conferences
Elena Rakosy-Tican
Babes-Bolyai University, Romania

One of the most interesting conferences, having a huge number of presenters.

Nursing Conference
Ruolan Ge
Peking University Shenzhen Hospital, China

Thank the organizing committee for the support and encouragement of my report.

Cancer Events
Xiaofeng Liu
Peking University Cancer Hospital & Institute, China

I am glad to have this chance to share our recent advances in the 5th ICC. I learned a  lot from other speakers. Thanks for your efforts in the organization of this conference. I am also glad to attend the 6th ICC next year if available.

Neurology Conferences
Ming Zhang
North Sichuan Medical College, China

This is an academic feast worth studying, paying attention to and thinking about.  It contains novel topics, interesting presentations, and in-depth research. In particular, the conference brought new ideas and technologies to the field of neurological diseases, which will bring us new thinking and innovative ideas.

Stem Cell Research Conferences
Gulay Sezer
Erciyes University, Turkey

Thanks for the valuable organization.

Catalysis Conferences
Ashanendu Mandal
University of Calcutta, India

The quality of the conference was quite praiseworthy and the participation of the speakers was also very useful. I have enjoyed speaking in the event and also received good appreciations after my presentation 

Plant Science Conference
Sankaranarayanan Sadasivam
Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, India

Thank you for having given me the opportunity as a key note speaker in plant biology and biotechnology conference. The conference was very well arranged.

Cancer Conferences
Neema tiwari
Swami Vivekanand Subharti University, India

Congratulations on such a brilliant event and thank you for the opportunity.

Surgery Conference
Kassem Amr
Gastrointestinal surgery center-mansoura university, Egypt

I  just  wanted to  take  a  moment  to  thank  you and your  team  for  such a  great  conference.This  was  by  far  the  most  informative  conference  that  I  have  attended.   I  definitely  gained a  lot  of insight  into  assessment  and tools  that  I  can use  right  away  at  my  home  institution. Congratulations on the conference.  Another successful year!

Brain Disorder Conferences
Hamza Wadi
Mutah University, Jordan

I did have a great experience in this spectacular conference. I noticed that the conference was done to a high standard of craftsmanship, and organized perfectly, the efforts that have been done were clearly obvious, the coordinators were flexible and made the conference very enjoyable, and one thing that was enthusiastic that despite the time difference across the world, the time table of your program was suitable and convenient. Being a part of such a highly prepared event with high valued Doctors and researchers was the cornerstone for me for further participations.

Pharmaceutics Conference
Merita Kucuku
Freelance consultant, Albania

I would like to thank you very much for the possibility to participate in Pharma 2023 Meeting. I enjoyed very much the meeting and all presentations for 2 days were very interesting. It was a meeting of experiences and I hope you will arrange the meetings again of such quality with very good experts in pharmaceutical science. Congratulations to all of the staff who was involved in the organization of the conference.

Pharmaceutics Conferences
Mia Karam
American University of Beirut, Lebanon

It was a pleasure participating and attending the PDDS conference. It was highly professional and I am happy I was able to present my work in front of so many experts in the field and get to know their work as well.

Pharmaceutics Conference
Essa Aldulaym
Clinical Pharmacy Student, Saudi Arabia

Thanks for this opportunity to participate in the 7th edition of PDDS-22 online conference. Great efforts and very appreciated for all of your efforts. Highly recommend to use this platform to share the recorded sessions for the people who are interested. This platform is a marketplace for any type of educational content.

Dental Conferences
Hilal Erdogan
Nevsehir Haci Bektas Veli University, Turkey

I would like to thank you for  this informative event and I was happy as a speaker. 

Pharmacology Conferences
Umbreen Rashid
Quaid-i-Azam University, Pakistan

Thank you very much for the certificate. It was a wonderful experience to participate in the conference. I am very grateful to the organizers for providing me this opportunity.

Tissue Engineering Conferences
Bita Shalbafan 
Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Iran

I should appreciate your great efforts to hold this scientific conference.

Toxicology Conferences
Francis Umeoguaju
University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria

I am most appreciative of your invitation to speak at the event and of the quality of researches presented during the conference. Congratulations to your team for organizing such a great event. It was a learning and a fulfilling experience for me. Thank you.

Applied Pharmacology Conferences
Kathirvelu Baskar
Department of Ecotoxicology, Ross Lifescience Ltd.- OECD-GLP, India

You are organized very interesting conference in very nice way, you are appreciating every individual during presentation; this needs for every participant for their carrier development. I appreciate each and every individual who was involved in this organizing committee. Thanks once again for given me wonderful opportunity to present my work

Pharmacology Conferences
Sweety Nath Barbhuiya
Assam University, India

Thank you so much for your cooperation and for giving me an opportunity to deliver my talk in this International Conference. It was indeed a pleasure to attend the same.

Pharmaceutics Conferences
Shipra Mahal
Maharaja Ranjt Singh Punjab Technical University, India

Thank-you so much for giving me opportunity for Participtating. It was a great conference

Drug Delivery Conferences
Neha Agarwal
Navyug Kanya Mahavidyalaya, India

It was really a great event to participate in. Thanks for making me a part of it.

Traditional Medicine Conferences
Koue Bi Tih Mathieu
Felix Houphouet-Boigny University, Cote d'Ivoire

I was incredibly happy to have participated in this conference. It was a wonderful experience for me.

Dental Conferences
Rayane Pereira
Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil

It was an honor to participate in the 5th Edition of International Conference on Dentistry and Oral Health (American Dental 2022). I am very happy for the opportunity we were given. It was an incredible experience and a lot of learning. I would like to congratulate the whole team for organizing the event, everything was very nice. I am very grateful to the team for all the support and attention during the event. Once again, congratulations!

CE Accredited Dental Conferences
Maya Fedhila
University of Monastir-Department of Oral Surgery, Tunisia

Thank you for organizing this enriching event

Drug Delivery Conferences
Helena Freitas
Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal

Thank you so much for the great conference and the opportunity to present my work!

Precision Medicine Congress
Sergey Suchkov
Sechenov University, Russia

Hope to keep on collaborative and strategic alliances in the future to come!

Cancer Conferences
Urszula Wojda
Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology of Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

I enjoyed the conference very much. As possibility to meet the professionals and very distinguished scientists working in this field.

Addiction Medicine Conferences
Meliha Bijedic
University of Tuzla, Bosnia & Herzegovina

I am very satisfied with GAB conference. Everything was in frame of my expectations, organisational, and especially with diversity and number of participants.

Medicine Conferences
Amela Karabeg
ESPRAS, BAPRAS, UPREHBiH, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Every Congress is an opportunity to learn but also to give knowledge. I am happy that we not only take it but also giving knowledge. We have something to bring home and to those who are interested in telling the news.

Medicine Conferences
Clive A. L. Thomas
Association of Surgeons in Jamaica, West Indies

It was indeed my pleasure to be there at such an excellent conference. Thank you and your team for a truly excellent, enlightening and enriching conference experience; and gracious hospitality.

Dental Conferences
Christina Mejersjo
Sahlgrenska Academy, Sweden

This type of Conference is valuable, besides the IADR and ICP and what ever.Look forwards to the meeting in Rome.

Dental Conferences
Ali A. Razooki Al-Shekhli
Fujairah Campus, UAE

I want briefly to say: Nice conference, nice preparation and arrangements and very nice people and participant and excellent Valencia and Spain as a whole.I will not say goodbye but see you again in Rome 2018.

Pediatrics and neonatology conferences
Laseredu Ltd, Finland

It was a pleasure being part of this conference.I will mark the next days in Rome to my calender!

Dental Conferences
In-Sung Luke Yeo
Seoul National University, Korea

Thank you very much for your warm welcoming. I really enjoyed the meeting and marvelous atmosphere of Valencia.I hope that this conference dealing with almost every dental field will go and grow well. See you next year.

Dental Conferences
Carollyne Mota Tiago
FACIT, Brazil

It was just incredible!! Really know the hard work when we are in event. And I would like to congratulate the Magnus, because it has made a wonderful exchange among several countries for us health professionals.

Dental Conferences
Paul K. Saele
University of Bergen, Norway

Nice days in Roma. Good and well organised congress with a lot of interesting topics. A lot of clever presentations and good discussions.

Pediatrics and neonatology conferences
David J R Hutchon
Hutchon Memorial Hospital, England

It was really enjoyable and educational meeting. It really opened my mind to know the importance of particular area of medicine and neonatology. I would very much recommend this meeting.

Pediatrics and neonatology conferences
Janet Mattsson
The Swedish Red Cross University College, Sweden

I really enjoyed the conference. It's mainly focused on clinical applicable research and it was a great interest for me.

Cancer Conferences
Jozef Sabol
Department of Crisia Management, PACR, Czech Republic

The place and organization was excellent and enjoyable.

Plant Science Conferences
Anabel Rial B
Independent consultant / Member UICN-SSC Freshwater Specialist Group, Venezuela

The conference was very well organized, I really appreciate it

Neurology Conferences
Marat Akhmet
Middle East Technical University, Turkey

It's my great pleasure to attend INBC and share about the mathematics in neurology.

Neurology Conferences
David Veerakone
CMDHB, New Zealand

It was great experience to meet experts from all over the globe from different streams of Neurology. It was a worth full opportunity to meet colleagues and had an wonderful experience.

Neurology Conferences
Ichiro Maruyama
Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University, Japan

I never had this kind of experience, this something very new and interesting neurology and brain disorders conference

Neurology Conferences
Lorena Rubio
Institute of Neurobiology, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico

I am so glad to be here, had an opportunity to interchange modern view about neurology, this is my second time to attend and I will attend the future conferences too..

Neurology Conferences
Harry W.M. Steinbusch
Maastricht University, Netherlands

This is my second time to attend INBC, I recommend people to join this conference it has lot of opportunity with networking with people from all over the world.

Neurology Conferences
Michael Ugrumov
Institute of Developmental Biology RAS, Russia

I enjoyed and I am very enthusiastic in participating in future conferences.

Pharma Conferences
Pawel Brzuzan
University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Poland

I really had a good time while in Rome. Thanks a lot.

Chemistry Conferences
Janusz Stafiej
Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University, Poland

I feel honoured to have participated in the conference. I am flying back home with good memories.

Catalysis and chemistry conferences
Mykyta Tretiako
King Abdullah University of science and technology, Saudi Arabia

I would like to raise my compliments for organization of Congress. It was a great opportunity to meet & learn from variety of professionals around the Globe.

Dentistry Conference
Ozair Erfan
Herat Stomatology Faculty, Afghanistan

Thank you so much for preparing this opportunity for all researchers worldwide to attend this global event and share their experiences. It was an unforgettable time for me.

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