Patrick Crabbe, Speaker at Climate Changes 2022
Patrick Crabbe
Bird Construction, Canada


Patrick Crabbe is the Director of Mass Timber at Bird Construction.Bird Construction is a publicly traded, commercial and industrial conglomerate, recognized as a top 3 General Contractor (GC) in Canada.Bird is the first GC in North America to dedicated full time expertise and a national centre of excellence specific to mass timber.Personally, growing up within the sawmill and wood manufacturing sector, Patrick brings unparalleled expertise that is demonstrated through his $1 Billion worth of construction value experience and commitment to numerous agencies that are advocating for the use and benefits of mass timber as a sustainable and economical solution. In his role, Patrick supports 18 districts across Canada with a focus on providing constructability input during the design and pre-construction and construction phases, as well as educating project teams, clients, and the public. He is an active member of the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (led by the World Bank) and a trusted advisor to Infrastructure British Columbia and the Canadian Wood Council.