1. Climate Change Law & Policy

Global Climate Strategies and Policies
Tax Regulations and Subsidies for Green Economy
Energy Efficiency

Session Chair: Sandra J. Garren, Hofstra University, USA

3. Urban Sustainability and Storm Water Management Under Changing Climate

Urban/Regional Planning
Water Issues 
Food and Agriculture

Session Chair: Pedro Henrique Campello Torres, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

5. Renewable Energy to Mitigate Climate Change

Fossil Fuels 
Geothermal Power & Heat

Session Chair: Nevenka Elezovic, University of Belgrade, Serbia

7. Environmental Geotechnics and Climate Change

Sea-Level Rise
Carbon Sequestration
Oil and Gas Extraction
Soil-Atmosphere Interaction
Landslide Wasting

Session Chair: Salvo Grasso, University of Catania, Italy

9. Climate Change Economics

Natural Disasters
Electrical Utility 

11. Space Monitoring of Climate Variables


13. Energy Policy

Per-Capita Energy Consumption
Primary Energy
Policy Framework
Rural Electrification

15. Global Warming Effects & Causes

Global Warming Modelling/Simulation
Oceans & Climate Change
Climate Change And Coastal Stressors

17. Green Technology and Climate Change Impact

Mitigation and Adaption of Climate Change by Green Production

19. Impacts on Cryosphere, and Water Resources Systems

Melting Cryosphere
Disappearing Cryosphere
Warming Cryosphere

21. Ecosystem Function and Services

Redundancy Hypothesis
Ecosystem-Based Adaptation
Climate Regulation
Estuarine And Coastal Ecosystem Services

23. Atmospheric Sciences, Weather Sciences & Earth Sciences
Atmospheric Changes
Acid Precipitation
Aerosols and Smog
Ozone Depletion
Earth Sciences
Ecology and Ecosystems
25. Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Greenhouse Gases
Emissions and Control
Exergetic Improvements
27. Tackling Climate Change with AI
2. Pollution and Climate Change
Biofuels and Alternatives
Carbon Tax
Pollution Prevention and Control

Session Chair: Christian Pfrang, University of Birmingham, UK
4. Disaster Management
Hurricanes and Climatic/Catastrophic Events
Solid/Municipal Wastes
Waste Management

Session Chair: Salvo Grasso, University of Catania, Italy
6. Sustainable Mobility

Co2 Emissions
Sustainable Biofuels

Session Chair: Brian Caulfield, University of Dublin, Ireland

8. Climate Change & Health

Natural and Human Systems Under Climate Change Impacts
Risk Assessment and Human Health
Human Health/Welfare Issues, Education/Training
Sustainable Development, Economy, Environment and Health

10. Carbon Cycle

Carbon Sequestration 
The Terrestrial Biosphere
Nuclear Reactions and Nuclear Weapons
Radioactive Wastes

12. Climate Hazards

Tropical Cyclones
Temperature Extremes
Air Pollution

14. Co2 Capture and Sequestration
16. Climate Systems and Sustainable Development

Changes In Climate Systems
Sustainability Research
Climate Change Adaptation

18. Water Sustainability and Climate Change

Water Management 
Rain Water Harvesting
Contamination of Groundwater
Social Solutions

20. Agricultural Sustainability and Climate Change

Improved Pasture Management
Crop Diversification Strategies
Soil Management Techniques
Agroforestry System

22. Modeling Approach to Mitigate and Understand the Climate Change
24. Mitigation of Climate Change

Low-Carbon Energy 
Greenhouse Gas Concentrations
Fossil Fuel Phase-Out

26. Climate Policy Initiative: Energy, Land Use, and Finance

Polar Ice Cap Melting
Renewable & Non-Renewable Resources
Renewables, Hydrogen/Nuclear/Other Cleaner Energy Resources/Technologies