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COPD 2021

Pooja M R

Pooja M R, Speaker at COPD Congress
Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering, India
Title : Analytics for intelligent healthcare systems


Intelligence has been an integral component of every aspect in all most all arenas of life. In the healthcare industry, the degree to which it has been impacted is comparatively low and the progress is in smaller steps when compared to those made in other fields. This can be attributed to several challenges and hurdles faced in healthcare systems. Adding to this, intelligence is not justified in beyond proof of concept studies. Recent years however have embraced hybrid models that involve incorporation of intelligence from AI systems, besides leaving the ultimate responsibility of disease identification/outcomes in the hands of the clinician as a means of critical intervention. Growing number of studies have indicated the successful implications of intelligence through analytics in areas including patient stratification, decisions at triage and prediction of severity levels of disease.


Pooja M R, currently working as Associate Professor in the department of Computer Science and Engineering is a researcher in the area of health informatics. Her research work focuses on the application of artificial intelligence to healthcare applications with specific implications to machine learning. She has published research papers in both, peer reviewed journal and conference publications. She has been invited as speaker for various international events focusing on health informatics.