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COPD 2021

Shikhar Tripathi

Shikhar Tripathi, Speaker at COPD Congress
Anna Medical College & Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, India
Title : Impacts of COVID-19 infection on patients with COPD and Asthma


COVID-19 has led on to a global healthcare crisis, similar to none in the recent past. Special emphasis must be laid on the impact of the infection on patients with COPD and Asthma, considering the vulnerability seen in these groups toward previous coronavirus diseases. SARS-CoV-2 is known to be utilizing angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) receptors to infect humans hosts. Moreover, the pathological findings of COVID-19, is diffuse alveolar damage with fibrin rich hyaline membranes and a few multi-nucleated giant cells. Both of which indicate towards the detrimental impacts the infection on outcomes in COPD and Asthma patients. There have been previous studies on how patients with asthma and COPD have differing outcomes based on the different ACE2 expressions, specifically in the lower airways, and over here, through this presentation, we will understand the possible differing outcomes and the immunological basis behind them. Within this presentation, we will try to understand the the mechanisms that seed infection distally in the lungs, and the virus-host interactions that attenuate or augment intra-regional virus growth in the lungs of COPD patients to produce severe disease.


Shikhar Tripathi is a medical student, researcher and an author. Even as a student, he has published multiple research as well review articles, which have received global acclaim, and has authored two medical reference books. One of his articles, where he gave a hypothesis on vertical transmission of COVID-19 from pregnant mother to fetus, was well acclaimed worldwide and even got featured by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in their repository and also got featured amongst the references on COVID-19 researches, on Wikipedia. He has been a guest speaker for the Young Researcher's Forum at International Conference on Diabetes, Hypertension and Metabolic Syndrome, 2020. (took place as webinar due to COVID-19) and is slated to be a guest speaker at International Conference on Clinical & Pharmaceutical Microbiology, 2021 (to be held in November 2021).