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COPD 2021

Mohammad Rabbani Khorasgani

Mohammad Rabbani Khorasgani, Speaker at COPD Conferences
University of Isfahan, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Title : The effects of lifestyle on allergic diseases


“Lifestyle” is a way or style of people living in a special time and place. Lifestyle includes behaviours and functions of individuals which are formed in a specific geographical, economic, political, cultural and religious context and influenced by them. The human lifestyle impacts different aspects of human life, especially the immune functions. In the article, the effects of human lifestyle on allergy as a major public health problem with high socio?economic impact have been briefly described as the following:

1. Association of allergy development with lifestyle:

1.1. Smoking

1.2. Nutritional lifestyle:

1.2.1. Dietary components especially in infant nutrition

1.2.2. Dysbiosis

1. 3. Industrial components:

1.4. Vaccinations

1.5. Antibiotic therapy

1.6. Hygiene hypothesis

2. Prevention of allergic diseases:

2.1. Nutritional lifestyle during pregnancy

2.2. Breastfeeding

2.3. Avoidance of potentially allergic agents

3. Changing the lifestyle for allergy management:

3.1. Diet and nutritional lifestyle

3.1.1. Avoidance of allergenic foods

3.1.2. Anti-inflammatory diet

3.1.3. Key supplements for natural allergy relief: vitamin D3, probiotics, quercetin & bioflavonoids and bromelain

3.2. Devise strategies to minimize exposure to pollen and other potential allergens

3.3. Exercise and alternative medicine practices

It is recommended to beneficial use of lifestyle management for prevention and control allergic diseases such as asthma.


Mohammad Rabbani Khorasgani is an Associate professor of Microbiology, in University of Isfahan, IRAN. He has DVM and PhD in Microbiology degrees. He has published more than 70 articles about infectious diseases, evaluation of natural materials effects for   prevention and control of diseases especially infectious  diseases . Many of his researches has focused on probiotics. He has some interdisciplinary articles especillay about lslamic lifestyle and health relationship, also.