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COPD 2022

Catarina Costa Boffino

Catarina Costa Boffino , Speaker at COPD 2022 Conferences
São Paulo Methodist University , Brazil
Title : Age and disease have a distinct influence on postural balance of patients with COPD


The postural imbalance is an extra-pulmonary condition, associated with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). COPD affects older individuals and it is unclear whether balance abnormalities can be described as pathophysiological mechanism or aging. The present study aimed to evaluate the influence of age or disease on postural balance of patients with COPD. Patients with COPD over 50 years old were compared with age- and sex-matched healthy adults, and with sex-matched younger healthy adults (n=30 in each group). The Modified Sensory Organization Test (mSOT) was performed in four different conditions fixed or sway-referenced surface both either with full or no vision. It was analyzed the center of pressure (CoP) variables: amplitude, velocity, root-mean-square and load asymmetry. Three-way ANOVA and post hoc analysis were performed been represented of age (older or COPD compared with younger healthy adults) or disease influences (COPD compared with older healthy groups). Main results were as follows: The CoP excursion was faster, with higher amplitude and variability progressively from COPD vs. older healthy vs. younger healthy adults (p<0.05) showing age and disease influences (p<0.05). Age and disease influences were also observed in the sway-referenced surface in both vision conditions. Impairment in postural balance was found related to aging and disease in patients with COPD older than 50 years.


Catarina Costa Boffino is Physical Therapist graduated in Medicine School of São Paulo University (FMUSP). Has pos-graduated specializations in Neurology through Clinical Hospital of FMUSP and for Orthopaedics in São Paulo Federal University (UNIFESP). Catarina has Master Degree in Psychology in concentration are of Neuroscience and Behaviour in University of São Paulo (USP). Also, Catarina is Professor in São Paulo Methodist University and is volunteer colaboratory researcher at LIM-23 in Psychiatry Institute of Clinical Hospital of FMUSP.