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COPD 2022

Tammie Fournier

Tammie Fournier, Speaker at COPD congress 2022
Allied Health, New Brunswick Community College, Canada
Title : Expanding Access to Pulmonary Rehabilitation by Embedding it in Educational Institutions and Community Centers


Globally, COPD impacts approximately 10% of the population and is the third leading cause of death. Pulmonary Rehabilitation (PR) is a gold standard intervention in the management of COPD developed to slow disease progression, reduce disabling symptoms, and overall improve the quality of life of participants.  This program includes a combination of exercise, education and behavior modification leading patients to a more active lifestyle and reducing hospital emergency visits.

Barriers identified for accessing PR include the overall lack of programs, the proximity of available programs to participants, and the low number of healthcare workers trained in pulmonary rehabilitation delivery.  Essentially, less than 1.5 percent of the global COPD population have access to pulmonary rehabilitation and clinics are usually delivered from a hospital setting.  Pulmonary Rehabilitation is rarely offered in community centers or within post-secondary institutions, including those with medical programs.

This presentation will explain how a community-based and student-led pulmonary rehabilitation clinic was operationalized at the New Brunswick Community College in Saint John, Canada. The research-funded clinic is based within the community college setting and is led by healthcare students of various disciplines guided by two research coordinators (Registered Respiratory Therapists). Up to date data from the pulmonary rehabilitation research project will be discussed as well as preliminary findings based on 6 Minute Walk Test and St George Respiratory Questionnaire. Furthermore, how community centered PR can be expanded to service rural areas by partnering with local community centers or gyms in conjunction with developing healthcare student skills and knowledge to lead an effective real-world PR program, will be discussed.


Tammie Fournier leads and operates health programming at NBCC including Pharmacy Technician, Medical Laboratory Sciences, and Respiratory Therapy. Tammie leads two government-funded applied research projects and has co-authored two research articles for the Canadian Journal of Respiratory Therapy. Tammie studied Respiratory Therapy at the New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) in New Brunswick, Canada. As a respiratory therapist for 30 years, Tammie has worked in acute and chronic care as well as education. Tammie has completed a Master of Education with the University of New Brunswick and holds certification in tobacco education and respiratory education through the Canadian Network for Respiratory Care.