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10th Edition of International Conference on
Dentistry and Oral Health

March 13-15, 2025 | Rome, Italy
Dental 2023

Hassan M Negm

Hassan M Negm, Speaker at CE Accredited Dental Conferences
6th October University, Egypt
Title : Appraisal of pulp reaction of nanoclay modified adhesive systems by bulk fill resin composite


The current research was performed to evaluate the pulp response in deep dentine cavities in permanent posterior teeth of dogs. Materials and Methods: A total of six adult mongrel dogs weighing an average of 10 kg, aged between 12 to 18 months, were used. All dogs were systemically healthy and showed no clinical signs of dental disorder. The study was done at Veterinary Hospital (Abbasia). Dogs were undergoing general anesthesia through intravenous injection of sodium pentobarbital; a rubber dam was fixed in place; cavities were prepared on the labial surface of each tooth. Cavities were divided into three groups according to the restorative materials used: Group1: Prime & Bond universal TM adhesive &Bulk fill material with Flowable consistency (Control Group). Group 2: Dellite®43B modified Adhesive system &Bulk fill material with Flowable consistency. Group 3: Dellite®LVF modified Adhesive system &Bulk fill material with a Flowable consistency. Each group was further subdivided into three equal subgroups at different time intervals: after one week, 30, and 60 days. The study design was performed to obtain a total of 90 dogs’ teeth, the number of samples for each testing material was n=7, and the total number of samples in the six dogs for each material was n=42. From every 42 teeth in each group, the best 30 teeth were selected to be examined. Results and Conclusion: The result revealed that whether on different time intervals of 7, 30, and 60 days, there was no significant difference in pulp response of the conventional prime and bond adhesive system and Dellite 43 modified adhesive but there was a significant difference between the two mentioned materials and Dellite LVF modified adhesive system. Organically modified montmorillonite adhesive produced a favorable pulp response and seemed to be a promising biocompatible material comparable to conventional adhesive.


Dr. Hassan M. Negm Studied dental sciences on 6 October University, 6 October, Giza, Egypt, and graduated with a B.D.S in 2005. He then joined the research group of prof. Dr. Prof. Dr. Mohsen Hussien Abi-Elhassan, Professor of Conservative Dentistry, Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine, Cairo University, Vice Dean of Environmental Affairs and Community development- October 6th university. Furthermore, He then studied for the Master's degree in M.D.S from Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt in 2013. In 2018, he joined research groups in the Faculty of Dentistry and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Suez Canal University, Ismailia, Egypt. He joined the doctoral degree program in 2018 at the Faculty of Dentistry at Suez Canal University (Dr. Ahmed Abo-Elezz, and Dr. Wafaa Elhossary, in collaboration with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (Prof.Dr. Ibrahim Hussein Ahmed). He received his Ph.D. degree in 2022 at the same institution (Faculty of Dentistry, Suez Canal University, Ismailia, Egypt).