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7th Edition of International Conference on
Dentistry and Oral Health

April 27-29, 2023 | Orlando, USA
Dental 2023 Speakers

Claire Dewshi

Claire Dewshi, Speaker at American Dental 2023 conference
NHS, United Kingdom
Title : "Decompression of a Radicular Cyst Associated with a Root Treated Lateral Incisor before Commencement of Apical Surgery".


This presentation will document the referral, assessment, planning and procedure to reduce the size of a cyst associated with the patient’s root filled upper left lateral incisor.
Due to the nature of his presentation, immediate treatment with traditional surgical endodontics would have compromised not only the tooth in question, but also the adjacent dentition as the radiolucency and evident bony destruction extended to teeth 21 and 23.
Due to this added complexity, marsupialization was attempted to shrink the existing lesion and allow for bony infill as much as possible, before attempting an apicectomy to remove the cause of infection.
I will outline a brief overview of apical disease and cyst aetiology, the reasons why these lesions expand as they do, and differential diagnoses which should be considered at the assessment appointment. 
I will also establish what the patient needs to be aware of before they commit to marsupialization, and the medico-legal protocol for documenting this consent process (including photography).
The advantages and disadvantages of this technique will be discussed, alongside alternative treatment options for the patient and the necessity to be critical with case selection when conducting treatment of this type.??????
I will also briefly touch on the materials used and the rationale behind this, as well as the follow up procedure, and what should be noted at review appointments including favorable and non-favorable outcomes for this treatment.


Dr Claire Dewshi graduated from King’s College London, England, in 2019 and continued to pursue further training years in secondary care following Foundation Training in South-West London. Having worked in a Maxillo-facial unit in Sussex and then a Restorative Dental Unit in Swansea, Claire has had the opportunity to see how head and neck cancer patients are treated surgically, and subsequently restored dentally under the care of a multidisciplinary team.
She has a passion for dental education and mentorship which has led her to becoming involved with dental charities and widening participation groups to improve access to dental schools.