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10th Edition of International Conference on
Dentistry and Oral Health

March 13-15, 2025 | Rome, Italy
Dental 2023

Lydia Katrova

Lydia Katrova, Speaker at Dental Conferences
Medical University of Sofia, Bulgaria
Title : Essentials of Professionalism for Dentists


This presentation aims to share our experience with introducing the essentials of professionalism into the undergraduate dental curriculum to answer the evolving identity, integrity, and inter-professional challenges the dental profession faces now. The major educational objective of the “Essentials” was to provide the graduating doctors of dental medicine with appropriate knowledge, skills, and attitude relevant to their socio-professional role as liberal practitioners, while partnering with the public healthcare system, especially: understanding of social and public health phenomena and processes, which take place at the individual, group and community level; analyzing health status determinants and health indicators; making decisions based on critical evaluation of evidence; solving technological, medical, legal and ethical problems. Implementing a set of relevant topics under the label “Essentials of professionalism in dentistry” we tried to assist our students and graduate dentists to recognize, assess and solve problems through better communication and organization of work. In this relation, we produced a series, of three textbooks to refer to core facts and the newest findings relevant to the dental profession and the practice of dentistry. The text aimed to stay focused, balanced and concise, giving opportunity for upgrade and adoption, according to national particularities while keeping in view the adequate global and longstanding professional performance worldwide. The content and sequence of the chapters are primarily meant to keep and develop professional autonomy, encourage the development of professional knowledge and science, ensure a decent professional realization, inspire humanity and responsibility, and lifelong interest in perfection and safety at the working place.


Lydia Katrova studied dentistry at the Medical University and received her Ph.D. degree at Sofia University “St Kliment Ohridski”. She obtained the position of an Associate Professor in 2008 and a Full professor in 2013 at the FDM-Sofia. She is a dentist, a specialist in public health, a doctor in sociology, and an experienced teacher, skilled in curricula design, lecturing, international relations, healthcare research, Ph.D. theses mentor at home and abroad, and institutional assessment, contributing to the elaboration of legal regulations relevant to healthcare and education reforms and harmonization of dental education.; visited 40 universities and dental schools. Her production consists of more than 300 works, including 116 publications (3 monographs, 13 textbooks, and 90 papers in Bulgarian, English, and French), 109 conference contributions (47 international and 62 national), reviews of graduating student theses, academic grade awarding, scientific projects, international institutional and program accreditation. She lectured courses to undergraduate and graduate students, dental practitioners in Social Medicine, Medical Ethics, Public Health; Community Dentistry and Dental Practice Management; Ethics and Deontology; Dental ergonomics, Research methods, and Burnout prevention. Her merits are recognized with the GSK SCHOLARSHIP “Sociology in dentistry” for 2020, the Sign of merit “SIGNUM LAUDIS” for contributing to the implementation of advanced education and research activities at the MU of Sofia for 2012, and the Award for mature educators “Excellence in Dental Education” of the ADEE for 2011. Her biography is included in the “Great Bulgarian Doctors” Book for 2010.