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7th Edition of International Conference on
Dentistry and Oral Health

April 27-29, 2023 | Orlando, USA
Dental 2023 Speakers

Identification of the race/ethnicity by calculating the area of tooth and Gonial angle using 2D imaging and software

Jacinth Niranjan Simeon, Speaker at American dental conference 2023
Amity University Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Title : Identification of the race/ethnicity by calculating the area of tooth and Gonial angle using 2D imaging and software


Since the beginning of time, forensic odontology has played an important part in identification. The major goal of this study is to assist countries who harbour different nationalities or population and race from all over the world their Security systems (particularly those in charge of immigration, borders security, and investigations) in improving their accuracy and shorten duration of investigations in identification of the individual by non-Invasive odontological methods thus assist in cases who breach the borders with false identity, such as of terrorist acts and unclaimed bodies. We've compared the area of the lower first molar tooth keeping in consideration of angle of mandible by 2D imaging in three different races: Indian (Mongoloids), African (Cognoid), and Pilipino (Austronesian). We have derived formula of Molar tooth=Area of rectangle /1.468254 and Area of Anterior tooth=Area of rectangle /1.49937. Results of statistical analysis have shown significant differences with p values AREA OF ANTERIOR TOOTH:  AFRICAN INDIAN P value .884 {not significant}: AFRICAN PHILIPINES P Value .000 {very significant}: INDIAN PHILIPINES P VALUE 000 {very significant}: AREA OF GONIAL ANGLE:  AFRICAN INDIAN P VALUE .044: {very significant}:  AFRICAN AND PHILIPINES 0.030 {very significant} INDIAN PHILIPINES  1.000 {not significant} AREA OF MOLAR TOOTH:  AFRICAN INDIAN p value 1.000 {not significsnt}: AFRICAN AND PHILIPINES-1.000 {not significant} INDIAN PHILIPINES P VALUE .858 {not significant}.


Dr Jacinth Simeon a post graduate in forensic odontology passed in Distinction recognized by INDIAN DENTAL ASSOCIATION, MUMBAI also a postgraduate in clinical research, She has completed her bachelors in dental surgery 2004 from Rajeev Gandhi university of health science KARNATAKA INDIA and practicing safe dentistry in UAE since 2011 and before that in Indian with18 yrs of experience she is also Affiliated with AMITY UNIVERSITY DUBAI UAE SINCE 2019 and published some research paper in forensics.She has been speaker for world police summit Dubai 2022 and many seminar for Raichur Police head quarters in 2022 and in 2019 Karnataka India. And also speaker for the Home guards Raichur Karnataka  India.