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7th Edition of International Conference on
Dentistry and Oral Health

April 27-29, 2023 | Orlando, USA
Dental 2023 Speakers

Joseph Musonda

Joseph Musonda, Speaker at Dentistry conferences
Nchanga North General Hospital, Zambia
Title : Ludwigs angina and traditional misconceptions in rural areas in Many parts of Zambia


Aim: The aim of this study was to describe traditional misconceptions in the management of Ludwig’s angina due to different beliefs in Zambian rural areas.
Background: After working as a dental surgeon intern at Nchanga North General Hospital for almost a year we received and managed over thirty-five (35) cases. After history taking and talking with family members of patients, almost 90% of them brought up traditional beliefs they thought caused Ludwig’s angina. And one main belief was that the main cause of Ludwig’s angina was a result of “stepping on a buried fetus” commonly known as “akapopo” and it will enter and start moving inside the mouth. Treatment is always difficult for surgeons due to the fact that once they discover Ludwig’s angina they will first seek treatment from a traditional healer 
Ludwig’s angina is a rare skin infection that occurs on the floor of the mouth, underneath the tongue. This bacterial infection often occurs after a tooth abscess, which is a collection of pus in the center of a tooth. It can also follow other mouth infections or injuries. This infection is more common in adults than children