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7th Edition of International Conference on
Dentistry and Oral Health

April 27-29, 2023 | Orlando, USA
Dental 2023 Speakers

Adithi Rao

Adithi Rao, Speaker at Dental conferences 2023
KLE VK Institute of Dental Sciences,, India
Title : Orthodontic diagnosis through camera lens


A beautiful smile enhances self-esteem and also improves the quality of life by providing physical and mental health benefits. The success of orthodontic treatment in view of patients is mainly owing to the esthetic outcome of the treatment. As orthodontic treatment is primarily driven by the objective of procuring a beautiful smile, digital photography has become an integral part of diagnostic aids. Photographs should be part of any comprehensive treatment plan and can be used in diagnosis, education, motivation for the patient, case presentation, documentation, laboratory communication, insurance submissions, public relations, and marketing. Smile analysis allows orthodontists to recognize the positive and negative aspects of a patient's smile. Based on the type of malocclusion, facial pattern, and mechanics used, orthodontic treatment can either be beneficial or harmful to smile esthetics. Smile analysis thus guides the orthodontist to select the appropriate line of treatment. Recent advances in technology have made it possible to capture the dynamic components of a smile better through videography than with static photography. We conducted research to capture, analyze and measure the parameters posed and unposed smile through video clips and for studying the dynamics of speech in Angle’s Class I malocclusion patients. This observational study revealed that the smile parameters varied greatly amongst posed and unposed smile groups and hence it is important to consider dynamic smiles for diagnosis and treatment planning. Also, the display of dentition during speech is an important indicator of aesthetics required to render the best orthodontic treatment.

Audience Takes Away Notes:

  • The information obtained from the presentation can be used as a guideline for the diagnosis and comprehensive treatment planning in all orthodontic cases.
  • This research will provide an opportunity for other researchers to conduct further studies.


Adithi Rao studied dentistry at SDM College of dental sciences, Dharwad under RGUHS University, Bangalore, and graduated with BDS in 2014. She completed her post-graduation (MDS) from KLE VK Institute of dental sciences, Belagavi under KAHER University, Belagavi in 2018. Presently she is working as a Senior lecturer at KLE VK Institute of dental sciences, Belagavi. She has published papers and authored textbooks in reputed journals/publishers and has been serving as a reviewer in journals of repute. She has sound clinical and academic knowledge with a great interest in research.