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10th Edition of International Conference on
Dentistry and Oral Health

March 13-15, 2025 | Rome, Italy
Dental 2023

Bindu Sathyan

Bindu Sathyan, Speaker at Dentistry Conference
Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, India
Title : Re-mineralizing agents in Dentistry


Dental caries has been a public health problem for many decades. Regardless of age, gender, and ethnicity, dental caries, a complex disease, affects a significant portion of the world’s population. Dental caries is a continuous process that starts from the level of initial demineralization, progresses to a non-cavitated white spot lesion, and often can cause dentinal involvement, eventually leading to cavitation. Modern dentistry aims to manage white spot lesions non-invasively through remineralization to arrest or revert disease progression. Remineralization is the process of depositing calcium and phosphate ions into crystal voids in demineralized enamel, thus producing net mineral gain. Present-day treatment aims at minimally invasive dentistry by early detection and management in a patient-friendly and minimally invasive manner. My presentation aims to provide in-depth knowledge of the natural phenomenon of enamel demineralization and remineralization while discussing novel remineralizing products aiming to treat them.

Audience Takes Away Notes:

  • Incorporate remineralizing agents into your daily dental practice
  • Materials and methods that prevent dental caries
  • Practice preventative dentistry and help patients retain their natural teeth


Dr. Bindu Sathyan graduated from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences with Bachelor's in Dental Surgery. She went on to complete her Masters in Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics. She has won several awards as a Dental student. She continues to advance her knowledge of the latest dental techniques every year by regularly attending conferences and advanced educational seminars. She has participated in research and published papers in various journals. Her goal as a dentist is to make her patients feel safe and comfortable while providing them with the care and knowledge they need to make confident decisions about their dental health.