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Anup Kumar Panda

Anup Kumar Panda, Speaker at CE Accredited Dental Conferences
College of Dental Science & Research Centre, India
Title : Rethinking Conversational Hypnosis: A great tool in Pediatric Dentistry


Language and behaviour is interwoven. Effective verbal communication is essential in the dental office because all behaviour is modified by communication. The art of influencing the childs mind in a normal conversation by selecting the use of correct words and language patterns is considered as conversational hypnosis. It’s a scientific and systematic method to change thoughts, emotions, decisions and behaviour in a completely unconscious way.

Treating the challenging child today requires a different approach for behavioural guidance. The ultimate thing of behaviour guidance could be preventing the misbehaviour before it happens and hypnosis can be an extremely valuable aid with children. Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness in which the ability to accept suggestions for psychological, physical and spiritual change is heightened. Children over 4 years have the necessary verbal understanding and their blind trust and vivid imaginations makes them susceptible to suggestion .This particular trait makes children as desirable hypnotic subjects.

The most challenging aspect of paediatric dentistry is persuading a child to readily accept treatment.   It is no longer surprising that hypnosis is used for persuasion or convincing. Persuasion gets so much easier when the subjects have no idea that you are doing. Conversational hypnosis, also commonly known as covert hypnosis(CH)  it is the art of influencing by giving  direct subconscious commands to follow that seem like normal  conversation. It is a style of communication that one uses to subtly direct anyone’s subconscious mind to take action.


Dr. Anup Kumar Panda graduated from Pune University and completed postgraduation in pediatric & preventive dentistry from Bapuji Dental College & Hospital, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka. He is working as a professor, department of pediatric & preventive dentistry Padmashree Dr.D.Y.Patil Dental College & Hospital, a serious attempt to spread his experience & educating the new pediatric dentist. His interest and love for understanding and working wit. Dr Anup has the privilege of being the first Pedatric dentist in Navi Mumbai to have practiced exclusive Pediatric Dentistry. Having done various courses in the field of Pediatric Dentistry, conscious sedation, hypnosis from India and abroad, he has over 10years of exclusivity practice experience. His special interest is in child management, treating the Oral conditions of children below 5years and children with special needs. Lovingly known as “the dentist uncle” by the kids, he also runs a specialized Pediatric Dental Practice in Mumbai apart from being a Consultant Pedodontist in various hospitals and clinics.