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10th Edition of International Conference on
Dentistry and Oral Health

March 13-15, 2025 | Rome, Italy
Dental 2024

Lydia Katrova

Lydia Katrova, Speaker at Dental Conferences
Medical University of Sofia, Bulgaria
Title : Ethical and legal considerations in the decision-making process for dental treatment Professional and market-born challenges


Dentistry is a profession based on a social contract that includes social, moral, and political aspects in addition to the duty to provide care for vulnerable individuals and meet their needs through ethical practices. The healthcare industry, including dental care, is constantly evolving with new products, techniques, technologies, and services. Dental treatments are now more preventive and less invasive, with the use of smart technology. This makes the occupation of dentistry easier, faster, better, and more enjoyable for patients. However, today the active participation of patients from the beginning of the treatment planning process to its successful completion is a “condition sine qua non”. This partnership requires consent based on the patient's understanding of the proposed treatment procedures and the dentist's knowledge of the market and moral limitations. Shared decision-making is an important factor that influences the choice of dental treatment by private general practitioners and prevents risks of litigation. The integration of evidence-based and ethical decision-making into dental education acquiring critical thinking and decision-making skills is also important. A comprehensive appraisal of the preference-match strategy in dentist-patient communication, which addresses the conflict between patients' interests and patients' rights could assist in avoiding overtreatment or neglect of a patient's need and thus adequately answer the professional and market-born challenges.


Lydia Katrova studied dentistry at the Medical University and received her Ph.D. degree at Sofia University “St Kliment Ohridski”. She obtained the position of an Associate Professor in 2008 and a Full professor in 2013 at the FDM-Sofia. She is a dentist, a specialist in public health, a doctor in sociology, and an experienced teacher, skilled in curricula design, lecturing, international relations, healthcare research, Ph.D. theses mentor at home and abroad, and institutional assessment, contributing to the elaboration of legal regulations relevant to healthcare and education reforms and harmonization of dental education.; visited 40 universities and dental schools. Her production consists of more than 300 works, including 116 publications (3 monographs, 13 textbooks, and 90 papers in Bulgarian, English, and French), 109 conference contributions (47 international and 62 national), reviews of graduating student theses, academic grade awarding, scientific projects, international institutional and program accreditation. She lectured courses to undergraduate and graduate students, dental practitioners in Social Medicine, Medical Ethics, Public Health; Community Dentistry and Dental Practice Management; Ethics and Deontology; Dental ergonomics, Research methods, and Burnout prevention. Her merits are recognized with the GSK SCHOLARSHIP “Sociology in dentistry” for 2020, the Sign of merit “SIGNUM LAUDIS” for contributing to the implementation of advanced education and research activities at the MU of Sofia for 2012, and the Award for mature educators “Excellence in Dental Education” of the ADEE for 2011. Her biography is included in the “Great Bulgarian Doctors” Book for 2010.