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March 13-15, 2025 | Rome, Italy
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Titanium toxicity and sensitivity in relation to oral implantology: A point to ponder!

Preetinder Singh, Speaker at Dentistry Conference
Academy of Oral Surgery, United States
Title : Titanium toxicity and sensitivity in relation to oral implantology: A point to ponder!


In spite of recent pioneering advances and remarkable evolution in the design and development of surgical and dental implant materials, failures do occur. One of the reasons for these failures can be corrosion of dental implants. The most favorable implant is the one which is capable of resisting the most extreme conditions that could possibly be encountered in the mouth. The choice of the materials used for the implant as well as implant borne suprastructures become vital, and can be made by way of evaluating their galvanic corrosion behaviors. When the mechanisms that ensure implant bioacceptance and structural stabilization are fully understood, implant failures will become a rare occurrence, provided that they are used properly and placed in sites for which they are indicated. Titanium dental implants can cause corrosion and wear. Particles and ions of titanium and titanium alloy components due to corrosion and wear can be deposited in surrounding tissues, and inflammation can occur. The buildup of titanium ions and particles can occur systemically as well as in the neighboring tissues, which can lead to toxic reactions in other tissues including yellow nail syndrome. Additionally, there are cases where the metal material is hypersensitive. Currently, zirconia/ceramic implants are considered to be an alternative; however, there are still limitations due to a lack of long-term clinical data. Within the limitation of this lecture, it suggests that we should be aware of the rare problems of titanium toxicity, allergy & hypersensitivity.


Preetinder Singh (MDS) is working as a Senior Professor in Department of Periodontology & Oral Implantology in SDD Hospital & Dental College, India and as a Senior Consultant in various dental offices around the country. Dr. Singh is am AMBASSADOR, AMERICAN ACADEMY OF ORAL SURGERY. He is the Editor in Chief of Journal of Periodontal Medicine & Clinical Practice and Associate Editor of various other famous journals. He was awarded the Best Graduate Award and Gold Medal by Kurukshetra University, Haryana, India during his BDS, based on his outstanding academic record. He has a keen interest in academics, research and clinical practice. He has around 55 research publications in various national and international journals of repute. Dr. Singh is an invited senior reviewer for 5 leading international journals indexed in PUBMED. He also has three textbooks published internationally, attached to his career till date. Dr. Singh has a great interest in periodontal & implant research field and is an invited KEYNOTE speaker for corporate lectures on his expertise in dentistry at a national & international level. He also holds a place of doing the first study in INDIA on use of recombinant PDGF in treatment of gingival recession defects. He is presently working on microsurgery, advanced Implantology, PRF, LANAP etc. Under his guidance and work, his department was awarded as the centre of excellence in dental implants in his state