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Keynote Speaker for Green Chemistry Conference- Wei Zhang
Keynote Presentation
Integrated green techniques for the synthesis of diverse heterocyclic molecules
Wei Zhang, University of Massachusetts Boston, USA

Abstract: This presentation highlights our recent effort on the development green synthetic techniques including one-pot and multicomponent reactions to maximize reaction efficiency and increase product diversity. Recycl [....]

Keynote Speaker for Green Chemistry Conference- Leon Burgess-Dean
Keynote Presentation
Calalsil™ Zeolite Geopolymers – Green nanotechnology that replace carbon and energy intensive materials
Leon Burgess-Dean, CalAlSil™, Australia

Abstract: Zeolite geopolymers are formulated using nano-sized colloids of combined metal oxides to provide a green alternative to concrete, brick and fiberglass. While suspended in an aqueous solution, CalAlSil™&rs [....]

Keynote Speaker for Green Chemistry Conference- Jalel Labidi
Keynote Presentation
Lignin conversion to added value products
Jalel Labidi, University of the Basque Country, Spain

Abstract: Lignin is the second most abundant polymer in nature after cellulose and is the most abundant renewable aromatic polymer on Earth. Lignin availability in the biosphere exceeds 300 billion tons and increases by [....]

Keynote Speaker for Green Chemistry Conference- Giulio Bonazzi
Keynote Presentation
The ECONYL® Regeneration System: When waste is not the end, but the beginning
Giulio Bonazzi, Aquafil S.p.A, Italy

Abstract: Since 50 years, Aquafil has been one of the leading players in the production of Nylon 6 and a leader in the research of new production models for sustainable development through a regular renewal of proce [....]

Keynote Speaker for Green Chemistry Conference- Michael Zharnikov
Keynote Presentation
Molecular-scale design of novel materials for organic photovoltaics and electronics
Michael Zharnikov, Heidelberg University, Germany

Abstract: The increasing demand for energy consumption worldwide and environmental issues trigger the development of green, renewable energy sources. These demands can be potentially met by organic photovoltaics (OPV), w [....]

Oral Presentation for Green Chemistry Conference- Le Coustumer
Oral Presentation
Industrial by-product valorization paradigm, Low value-high volume/high value-low volume?
Le Coustumer, Université de Bordeaux, France

Abstract: While industrials generate by-product, public consider them as waste, inducing some issues.  Paradigm consist to consider these "waste" like a new source for the industrials, public of their pote [....]

Oral Presentation for Green Chemistry Conference-
Oral Presentation
On the synthesis of commodity chemicals from CO2 and sunlight
Klaas J. Hellingwerf, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Abstract: Future global needs for liquid energy carriers, commodity chemicals and renewable materials should no longer be covered by exploitation of fossilized carbon deposits. Therefore, processes are urgently needed th [....]

Oral Presentation for Green Chemistry Conference- Hasanain Adnan
Oral Presentation
Enhancing of PV panels performance by using thermal control applications such as geothermal
Hasanain Adnan, University of Technology, Iraq

In order to satisfy the requirements the ideal conditions for PV panel’s performance by the heat exchange collector, innovative solutions were investigated for new models of the horizontal water-geothermal heat exc [....]

Oral Presentation for Green Chemistry Conference- Elvira Nicolini
Oral Presentation
Waste and historical city. Technological solutions for circolar management in an urban landscape
Elvira Nicolini, University of Palermo, Italy

Abstract: Circular management of resource flows is an operational problem that appears with greater severity in an historical urban landscape due to the constraints generated by road fabrics and by the need to protect it [....]

Oral Presentation for Green Chemistry Conference- Boukli Hacene Mohammed El Amine
Oral Presentation
A review of the renewable energy strategy in countries producer of oil and gas: Case of Algeria
Boukli Hacene Mohammed El Amine, University of Sidi Bel Abbes, Algeria

Abstract: Algeria is once again facing an oil crisis. Oil prices fell from $115/barrel in June 2014 to nearly $59/barrel at the mid of October 2019. The national energy sector is excessively dependent on hydrocarbon [....]

Oral Presentation for Green Chemistry Conference- Sihem Chehlatt
Oral Presentation
Preparation and study of bioactive ceramics containing different wt% B2O3 prepared from local raw materials
Sihem Chehlatt, National School of Biotechnology “Taoufik Khaznadar” (ENSB), Algeria

Abstract: Wollastonite (CaSiO3) ceramics have been proposed as a medical material for artificial bone and dental root. In this work, powders were synthesized by mixture of (CaO) and (SiO2). The samples were sintered [....]

Oral Presentation for Green Chemistry Conference- Abid Ullah
Oral Presentation
Synthesis of MnO2 carbon nanotubes catalyst with enhanced oxygen reduction reaction for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell
Abid Ullah, US-Pak Center for Advanced Studies in Energy UET Peshawar, Pakistan

Abstract: Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC), an electrochemical power generating technology, uses a precious metal Platinum (Pt) catalyst for Oxygen Reduction Reaction (ORR), which is a major hindrance in it [....]

Oral Presentation for Green Chemistry Conference- Ali Morsali
Oral Presentation
Metal-Organic frameworks for sustainable applications; Catalysis, separation and gas storage
Ali Morsali, Tarbiat Modares University, Islamic Republic of Iran

Abstract: Among the top investigations in solid state chemistry, Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) are the class of promising materials that have attracted tremendous amount of attention in the past two decades. MOFs are r [....]

Oral Presentation for Green Chemistry Conference- Ali Faddouli
Oral Presentation
Comparative study of a normal solar water heater and smart thermal/thermoelectric hybrid systems
Ali Faddouli, Hassan II University of Casablanca, Morocco

Abstract: A comparative numerical study between a normal solar water heater and two hybrid systems have been presented.  The first system constituted by solar water heater integrating a planar thermoelectric ge [....]

Oral Presentation for Green Chemistry Conference- Fardis Nakhaei
Oral Presentation
Innovation potential in of the purification of iron ore tailings as a secondary source
Fardis Nakhaei, Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran

Abstract: A significant benefit can be achieved by society by utilizing ultrafine tailings produced by mineral processing operations. Using state-of-the-art technologies for purpose this will mitigate environmental impac [....]

Keynote Speaker for Green Chemistry Conference- Wei Zhang
Keynote Presentation
Industrial wastewater treatment and as an energy sources, carbon emission reduction: Towards a cleaner production
Anwar Ahmad , University of Nizwa, Oman

Abstract: Improper techniques for the treatment and management of effluent produce hazards to people and contribute to global warming. In all over the world, the total crude oil palm production in the countries Various s [....]

Keynote Speaker for Green Chemistry Conference- Shantanu Bhowmik
Keynote Presentation
State-of-the-art Recycling of Plastic Waste into Valuable Products: A Perspective for Green and Clean Environment
Shantanu Bhowmik, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, India

Abstract: Plastic waste is creating significant damage to environment across the globe. However, it is the materials that have significant value for various industries such as packaging, electronics and appliances, [....]

Keynote Speaker for Green Chemistry Conference- M.H.Fulekar
Keynote Presentation
Rhizosphere bioremediation - Green technology for industrial waste treatment
M.H.Fulekar, Parul University, India

Abstract: Rhizosphere bioremediation is a plant assisted bioremediation which has multiple effects in the bioremediation process due to symbiotic association of mycorrhizal fungi, bacteria, actinomyces along the root zon [....]

Oral Presentation for Green Chemistry Conference- K. Dhanasekaran
Oral Presentation
Conversation of biodiesel from waste oils
K. Dhanasekaran, Adhiparasakthi Engineering College, India

Abstract: Now-a-days, the usage of fossil fuel is limited one and due to its environmental effects. Biodiesel is an eco-friendly fuel processed from various fresh, used oils and some other disposed waste seeds oils. In t [....]

Oral Presentation for Green Chemistry Conference- Kishor Shinde
Oral Presentation
Arduino UNO based smart grid system for Hybrid Solar Wind system using IOT
Kishor Shinde, Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited, India

Abstract: Solar and wind renewable energies are universal, have free access and have a friendly environmental impact. More attention is being paid to wind and its technical maturity, but it has suffered deterioration in [....]

Oral Presentation for Green Chemistry Conference- R. Thirunakaran
Oral Presentation
High performing electrode active sustainable cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries
R. Thirunakaran, CSIR-Central Electrochemical Research Institute, India

Abstract: High performing pristine undoped LiMn2O4 and doped LiMn1.99MO4 (M = Cu0.01-0.10, Mg0.01-0.10, Tb0.01, Dy0.01, Ho0.01, Er0.01) cathode materials have been synthesised via facile green chemistry method using p-To [....]

Oral Presentation for Green Chemistry Conference- Samuel Chukwujindu Nwokolo
Oral Presentation
Global model for computing optimum tilt angle and maximum incident solar radiation in Sub-Sahara Africa and Mediterranean region
Samuel Chukwujindu Nwokolo, University of Calabar, Nigeria

Abstract: This study was designed to apply measured and theoretically derived models for computing optimum tilt angle, maximum incident solar radiation and global radiation index in Fig Tree station, Zambia; Sub-Sahara A [....]

Oral Presentation for Green Chemistry Conference- T.D. Hondo
Oral Presentation
Biodiesel generation from parinari curatellifolia (hacha) nuts. A green energy resource alternative. Unlocking the value of the underutilized resources.
T.D. Hondo, National University Of Science and Technology, Zimbabwe

Abstract: Several oils have been characterized by many researchers as a way of unravelling their usefulness. Chinweubwa Arinze Jude, 2013 extracted oil from ground Nicotiana tabacum seeds by soxhlet.The percentage oil co [....]

E- Poster Presentation for Green Chemistry Conference- Yeugeniy M
E- Poster Presentation
“Green farming”: inevitable strategy of human civilization
Yeugeniy M, Institute of Water Problems, Russian Federation

Abstract: It is shown that the evolution of dissipative structures on the Earth, which include, amongst other things, living organisms and superorganismal systems, obeys a fundamental principle–Ziegler’s prin [....]

Poster Presentation for Green Chemistry Conference- Abeni Ogah Paul
Poster Presentation
Project Isunder: Reducing climate emissions from the transport sector
Abeni Ogah Paul, Isunder Green Technology Services, Nigeria

Abstract: The research; ‘PROJECT ISUNDER’ focuses on the invention of a Direct Current electric motor called the Switched Mode Power (SMP) motor, that effectively improves on the efficiency and average range [....]

Oral Presentation for Green Chemistry Conference- Mr. Mohammad Moradi
Oral Presentation
Recognition of the concept of social sustainability in traditional bazaars of iranian cities
Mr. Mohammad Moradi, Art University of Tehran, Iran

Abstract: Sustainability is an issue raised in all areas of social life of human being in the last decades of twentieth century and at the turn of twenty first century. Its primary goal is to maintain (human, natural, so [....]