4th Edition of International Conference on

Materials Science and Engineering

March 13-15, 2023 | Online Event

Materials 2021

Noora Al Qahtani

Noora Al Qahtani, Speaker at  Materials Science Conferences
Noora Al Qahtani
Qatar University and Imperial College London, United Kingdom


Noora Al-Qahtani joined Qatar university in 2008, and she is currently a Research Associate, Center for Advanced Materials at the Qatar University. She is also in a final year in her PhD study at a department of material science and engineering at Imperial College London-UK. Noora earned her MSc. from the University of Sheffield in 2015, in Materials Science and Engineering. She is also introducing higher-level research among high school students to promote the young researcher towards scientific education. She also authored numerous peer-reviewed journals and conference papers. Her current research focus in areas of applied electrochemistry and corrosion, and educational research for young students. In addition, her interests encompass archaeology from a scientific aspect. She is a member of the Institute of Materials Mining and Minerals from 2015 and a member of the NACE International-The Worldwide Corrosion Authority and Electrochemical Society (ECS) from 2015. Noora is also the Co-team leader of the Al-Bairaq whose vision is to develop Qatar as a knowledge-based society, enriching its human capital through prioritizing the importance of forging links and building bridges between high school students and educational institutions. Over the years she has been actively involved in Teaching, Research along with Admin works in various capacities.