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6th Edition of International Conference on

Materials Science and Engineering

March 18-20, 2024 | Singapore

Materials 2023

Sergey Ivashov

Sergey Ivashov, Speaker at Materials Conferences
Sergey Ivashov
Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Russian Federation


Sergey Ivashov, PhD, graduated from Space Research faculty, Moscow Institute of Physics & Technology, with honours in 1972; as post-graduate student he had successfully submitted the thesis for a PhD degree in 1975. He worked as a scientific researcher in rocket industry of the USSR in 1975-1977. Since 1977 up to 2000 he had been working in the Central Scientific and Research Institute of Radio & Electronic systems, Moscow, as a senior scientific fellow and thereafter he had been promoted for a head of Laboratory. From January 2001 up to now he is the head of the Remote Sensing Laboratory at the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow. His latest research relates to NDT&E of thermal insulation of rocket cryogenic fuel tanks by holographic radar. Other scientific interests are connected with holographic subsurface radar design and its applications for searching of bugging devices and civil construction engineering. The air reconnaissance of mine fields and development of radar sensors for mine’s detection related to humanitarian demining operations are also included in area of his scientific interests. His research also includes remote detection and diagnostics of human heartbeat and breathing for applications in security and medicine. This research is based on using of continues-wave radar in frequency band of 2-15 GHz.