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Cancer Grades and Cancer Stages

Cancer Grades and Cancer Stages

Cancer Grades: Grading is about how the cancer cells look under the microscope when compared with normal cells. The common grading system followed to identify the shape and severity of cancer:

Grade 1: Tumor cells and tissue looks most like healthy cells and tissue. These are called well-differentiated tumors and are considered low grade.

Grade 2: The cells and tissue are somewhat abnormal and are called moderately differentiated. These are intermediate grade tumors.

Grade 3: Cancer cells and tissue look very abnormal. These cancers are considered poorly differentiated, since they no longer have an architectural structure or pattern.

Grade 4: These undifferentiated cancers have the most abnormal looking cells. These are the highest grade and typically grow and spread faster than lower grade tumors.

Cancer Stages: It describes its size and whether it has spread from where it started. Staging system may vary in different types of cancer.

  • Stage 0 to stage IV
  • TNM Staging

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