Virendra Goswami, Speaker at Climate Change Conferences
IIT & Environment & Peace Foundation, India
Title : Climate change and risk management using a framework of system dynamics, big data architecture and data analytics


The present Tropical Cyclones/Hurricane Weather Research and Forecast (TCFM/HWRF) system is capable to forecast the inner core structure of the Tropical Cyclones/Hurricanes out to 5 days. Hence, efforts are to be made to test, evaluate, and improve predictions of Hurricane’s track(motion), intensity, speed, and inner core Structure, beyond 5 days ,through the study of Hurricane energetic in correlation with dynamical fluid motions and physical features (e.g. radiative transfer, chemistry, cloud processes), of meso-scale NH-SH Convective systems in order to develop a unique Tropical Cyclone/Hurricane Forecast Models (TCFM/HFM), acting as an Operational real-time forecast guidance for all global tropical cyclones/hurricanes across the Atlantic, Asia Pacific, North Indian Ocean and Southern Hemisphere ocean basins. The key to this new prediction system (TCFM/HFM) would be the development of a very fine (1deg–1deg) grid nests moving with individual storms within the global model, having a coupling capability for these nests in space & time mode. (TCFM/HFM) would be coupled to Atlantic, and North Indian Ocean basins Storms, so that its grid filter gets updated whenever, there are active cyclonic storms in these basins. Next, the high-resolution Satellite imageries of the two Super Cyclonic Storms (SCS) over the Atlantic& North Indian Oceanic basins occurred during May- October 2020 would be examined with emphasis on the large scale kinematic and thermodynamic behavior of these two SCS named Laura’(Atlantic,26Aug’20,240Kmph,937hPa) Amphan’(BOB,17May’20,240Kmph,920hPa) & other selected mesoscale Convective Systems, e.g. intense Cloud Clusters Thunderstorms, Depression, by making use of Aircraft, Doppler Weather Radar and conventional data over the selected domain in order to study mathematical and computational aspects of weather and climate through spatial structure of Cloud field incorporating the Tropical Cyclones/Hurricane Weather Research Forecast Models (HWRF). Based on Suchman, Martin & Sikdar (1977), Cloud Cluster studies, and of Goswami. V.K (1990); wherein, the two plausible Models of Monsoon Depression have been postulated in terms of Cluster Coalescence Theory and Giant Cluster Theory along with technique described for inferring vertical mass circulations within and around the monsoon depression in tropical regions by making use of satellite imageries, be employed to study the said two SCS over Atlantic & North Indian oceanic basins during the Storm-Cycle (May-Oct)’20 to develop (TCFM/HFM). Next, the Thermodynamic structure of these Hurricanes be studied by computation of deep convective mass transport inside the Cloud Cluster by means of Cloud Tracer Analysis (WINDCO measurements) using McIDAS. The Tele-connection of SH features e.g. Depressions, Cyclonic Storms, Equatorial Trough & movement of ITCZ with the identical features of NH, governing the storms activity over the region would also be studied.


Dr. Virendra Kumar Goswami, Ph.D. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur, MS from the University of Wisconsin, USA. Post Doctorate Fellow (PDF) at the University of Illinois, Chicago, USA. ‘Visiting Scientist’ to United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), ICTP, Italy. Expert Panelist International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Canada and the United Nations. Founder President ’Environment & Peace Foundation’& Wing Commander (Retd.) with more than 550 hours of flying as a supernumerary Aircrew.

Dr. Virendra   Goswami worked at Space Science Engineering Centre, NASA NOAA (National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration) at the University of Wisconsin, USA. Former Vice-Chancellor: Sangam & Sunrise Universities. Had been, Director General of Management Institutes & Director of Engineering Institutes as well as Vice-President Havells India Ltd. Special Invitee by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) of the United Nations, Geneva in 2001. Expert Panelist of Association of Indian Universities (AIU) & Ph. D & M. Tech Examiner at Centre of Energy Studies at IIT Delhi. More than 44 years of teaching, research and administrative experience at Home and Abroad. Also, Prof. Emeritus, Member: American Geophysical Union) SCB, AMS & IMS. Lately, appointed Reviewer /Member of Editorial Board of Royal Meteorological Society(R.Met.S),Atmospheric Science Letters(R.Met.SAL) as well as Prof.Emeritus:Jyoti Vidyapeeth Women’s University (JVWU)&RVIT,India. CHAIR Prof.: Environment Climate Change & Peace Research (ECPR), Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Univ. of Social Sciences, Mhow (Indore).